Friday, September 29, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: NFL player: Don't come to the game if our protest upsets you

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NFL player: Don't come to the game if our protest upsets you: Rick Moran
The Personal Is Political: The Z Man
Appeals Court Denies DC Request to Keep Unconstitutional Gun Ban: Stephen Gutowski

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Chuck Todd is a constitutional illiterate: Chris Pandolfo
Hillary’s Former Secret Service Agent Calls Her An ‘Obnoxious, Rude, Fraud’: TPI
Moonbattery: Library Considers Dr. Seuss To Be “Racist Propaganda”: William Teach


Packers’ Fans Let The Team Know What They Thought Of The Protest: William Teach

Scandal Central

The Long March Through The Institutions: Herschel Smith
Court to Probe Clinton Private Email Use Over Objections of Trump Administration: Adam Kredo
Democratic ex-Illinois congressman convicted for third time: Marathon


Titans' Delanie Walker: 'No one's telling you to come to the game': Tennessean
Can We Please Stop Pretending the NFL Protests Have Anything to Do with Free Speech?: William Sullivan
Mic Drop: Hillary Tweets To Send Navy To Help Puerto Rico, Benghazi Hero Responds: WZ

Rush: What If An NFL Player Ran Out Carrying A Confederate Flag?: Rushbo
Packers' national anthem plans continue to rile fans: Richard Ryman
Tucker: Voters Say America’s Bonds Are Weakening As Media Stokes Flame Of Race: WZ


Iran is utilizing ISIS fighters in Iraq to widen sectarian divisions: Sara A. Carter
Palestinian Leaders Stunned as Son of Hamas Founder Defends Israel: UWI
Senate Confirms Jon Huntsman as Ambassador to Russia: Paul Crookston

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Why are $100M metal towers popping up at tunnels and bridges all over New York?: DailyMail
Elon Musk’s new plans for a moon base and a Mars mission by 2022: NewScientist
The swelling tide of ransomware and how to fight back: Rob Rae


Hugh Hefner Dead at Age 91: BattleSwarm
Everything’s Smaller in Utah (I Blame Diversity): MOTUS
Former UK QB Jared Lorenzen checks in at over 500 pounds to begin weight loss journey: Cody McClure
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QOTD: "...what would happen if during player introductions, a player ran out carrying a Confederate flag?

Do you think that they’d say, “Hey, freedom of speech! That guy’s got every right to say whatever he wants!” He would be thrown out of the league if he got out of the stadium alive. They’d probably have to put him on injured reserve before the game even started for what would happen to the guy. You think there’d be any tolerance for that? Hell, no! It’s not about that. It isn’t about freedom of speech. Remember Kaepernick. This all started… As far as the players are concerned, what they think, is it’s all about police brutality. Kaepernick laid it out...

...The players’ grievance is police brutality and inequality and all that. That’s what’s got ’em all revved up... But you see, that’s just the face of it. That’s not the objective. What that is doing is exactly what it’s supposed to do. It’s disgusting people, and it’s causing them to tune out the NFL, because the objective is to harm the NFL as a business, and it’s succeeding. For every fan that boycotts, for every fan that cancels a TV subscription, for every fan that doesn’t buy memorabilia or tickets — for every fan that doesn’t watch the games on Sunday or Monday night — it’s working.

And the league, I think, is a clueless entity in the middle of this, as are the players." --Rush Limbaugh

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