Sunday, September 24, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: It’s a Trump Trap and the NFL, NBA and Dems Walked Right In

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It’s a Trump Trap and the NFL, NBA and Dems Walked Right In: DTG
Farewell to the National Football League: Michael Walsh
Trump Is Reinventing What It Means to Be a Politician: Roger L. Simon

3 red-flag provisions in the Graham-Cassidy health care bill: Daniel Horowitz
Why Democrats’ Cries of Gerrymandering Are False: ALR
5 Reasons “Dreamers” Shouldn’t Be Given Amnesty: John Hawkins

The Long Night Ahead: John Robb
Milo Undeterred By UC Berkeley Cancellation Of ‘Free Speech Week’: DC
Obama's "Dear Colleague" Demand for No-Due-Process Rape Courts Rescinded: Ace

Civil asset forfeiture nightmare: Man loses truck over five rounds of ammunition: CoS
Muslim Beheading defendant: "if I was to die... I was going to heaven.": Nolan Clay
Oregon Dems Push Phony Precedent To Block Ninth Circuit Court Nominee: Brent Scher


Boobs on Credit: Jim Quinn
Understanding America’s ridiculously large $18.6T economy: Mark J. Perry
Build Your Economic Storm Shelter Now: John Mauldin

Scandal Central

How Obama is funding the anti-Trump resistance: Paul Sperry
Europe: The Great White Death?: Drieu Godefridi
Showdown looms over Trump dossier; FBI misses 3rd deadline to produce subpoenaed documents: Byron York


Five Stories The Establishment Media Killed This Week: Peter Hasson
She Doesn’t Understand How Bad She Was, And Still Won’t Go Away: Joseph Bottum
Melania Honors Vets at Invictus Games, Internet Haters Snipe About Her Shirt: Kim Quade

President calls for fans to refuse to go to NFL games: Josh Alper
Robert Kraft Condemns Donald Trump In Bold Statement After President’s Rant Darren Hartwell : NESN
Athletics Catcher Bruce Maxwell Becomes 1st MLB Player to Kneel for Anthem: Alec Nathan


STRATCOM Commander: U.S. Forces Ready to Take Down North Korea: Karl Herchenroeder
NoKo says President's 'Rocket Man' jibe means firing rockets at US mainland is 'inevitable': DailyMail
Iran Threatens to Drop ‘Father of All Bombs’: Adam Kredo

Is a World War III Just Déjà-vu All Over Again: Brent Smith
Teenager arrested after six injured in 'noxious substance attack' in London: Guardian
Acid attack injures at least six people as gang goes on a 'spree' through East London: DailyMail

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

The latest iPhones show why A.I. is the new electricity: Mike Elgan
Experts Say Medical Care Next Big Cyber Threat: WFB
When Trucks Stop, America Stops (PDF): Trucking


Iran's New Ballistic Missile Looks a Lot Like a Modified North Korean One: TheDrive
Bolton: Trump’s U.N. Speech the Best of His Presidency: David Rutz

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It looks like Professional Players have made this kneeling nonsense an epidemic so I say they don't matter to me, I'm going back to work.