Saturday, September 23, 2017

SHOULD BE GOOD FOR BUSINESS: NFL, NBA and UNC Go Full Trump Derangement Syndrome

To paraphrase Jon Gabriel, the best thing about the Obama era was all the racial healing.

The official story on UNC's White House visit is simply that the parties couldn't find a date that worked for both.

But UNC Coach Roy Williams, like his predecessor Dean Smith, is said to be a hard-core liberal. He's complained about Trump's social media habits in the past.

Now the NBA is in on the act:

Oh, and just for fun, the NFL is going to go full faceplant.

Curious, this:

Pity that Democrat nutjobs, racialists, and identity hacks have even found ways to ruin sports.

But I'm sure their faux protests will be good for business.

Hat tip: BadBlue Real-Time News.


Bookdoc said...

Given the "leadership" of goodell, and all of the other issues football has to deal with, teams incomes (as well as television networks) are going to go down. It may get hard to pay those multi million dollar salaries down the road.

clayusmcret said...

This will save our family quite a bit of money.

matthew w said...

The Brilliance of President “Not Hillary”

CAVEAT: I am not a Trump supporter.

Trump’s win of the Presidency came from two brilliant strategic moves early on:

1 As a third party crackpot candidate, he snuck his way into the Republican primary and was allowed to stay there.

2 He got the tricked MSM into giving him a trillion dollars worth of free airtime.

Brilliant Mr. Trump, brilliant.

He’s doing it again !!!

For no reason, my internet homepage is Yahoo. Yahoo “News” is truly news for idiots. At any given time, 50% of the “news” are links to Huffpo, so you already know what kind of crap that is going to be.

But today when I saw the Yahoo page, almost every story was about how everyone in America thinks President “Not Hillary” is wrong about the National Anthem protests.

After several policy misfires (including DACA), Trump is getting the MSM to rally the people that support him !

The dimwits that support the National Anthem protests, are already the dimwits that won’t support Trump.

The MSM and all the other liberals (redundancy noted) don’t understand that only Trump can lose Trump supporters. As the past Presidential campaign proved, the MSM/Liberals can’t defeat him.

J.P. Travis said...

Seems to me North Carolina might better spend its time worrying about whether any of its basketball players are actually attending class--I mean a real class, not the fake ones NC set up for its athletes--than worrying about Donald Trump's politics.