Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: 5 Reasons Why Moore’s Win Matters

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5 Reasons Why Moore’s Win Matters: KausFiles
Bannon warns GOP establishment: ‘Your day of reckoning is coming’: TheHill
Moore defeats Strange in Alabama in huge blow to GOP in DC: David M. Drucker

The Black Conservative Intellectual Civil War: BlackCon
Judge Roy Moore: We Removed God from Schools, Death Filled the Void: Breitbart
LePage may remove MN sheriffs, asks ICE to probe state's immigrant groups: WCSH6

The New Democrat Party: Caroline Glick
Calling Out Terrorist Supporters Is A Hate Crime?: Matthew Vadum
NY: Muslim testifies he was trained in Pakistan to attack U.S.: Creeping

Moore Victory: Trump Must Return to Lead Populist Movement: James Kirkpatrick
Prototypes for Trump's border wall break ground in San Diego: Fox
Trump Cuts Obama's Refugee Target in Half, Takes in More Christians Than Muslims: Times


Record $135 billion a year for illegal immigration, average $8,075 each: Paul Bedard
McCarthy: Time to Send California’s Sputtering High-Speed Rail Project to the Scrap Yard: Susan Crabtree
Mark Meadows demands 20 percent corporate tax rate: Susan Ferrechio

Scandal Central

Rising scandal 'bigger than Russia': Martin Barillas
Here Are The Congressional Aides That Traded On Insider Information Over The Past Year: ZH
Obama Funding Anti-Trump Movement With Sleazy Backdoor Policies And Taxpayer Money: SHTFplan

Clinton Compares Trump to Putin: ‘Hopefully He Hasn’t [Killed] People and Journalists’: Paul Crookston
Four NCAA assistant basketball coaches are facing federal bribery charges: Mark Hensch
Report: IRS Now Sharing Info with Mueller Russia Investigation: Charles Fain Lehman


BuzzFeed Wants You To Fear Facebook’s Algorithms: Eric Lieberman
Folsom Street Fair Previews Continued Defeat in the Culture War: Dave Blount
Awan Funneling ‘Massive’ Data Off Congressional Server, Dems Claim It’s Child’s Homework: Luke Rosiak

America’s Sport No Longer: Dave Blount
No, NFL, You DON’T Have an Unassailable ‘Right’ to Protest the National Anthem: Publius
Mark Levin: Let me tell you why I love America and will never take a knee!: Scoop


As North Korea threatens EMP attack, questions over lapses in US grid security rise: Fox
Frau Dummkopf not safe yet: Frank Friday
Total Defense: How Baltic States Are Integrating Citizenry Into National Security Strategies: Small Wars Journal

UN Wants Canada To Apologize, Pay Reparations For Black Slavery: David Krayden
ISIS is Growing in Pakistan: Lawrence Sellin
Gang attacked security officers in Sweden (again): SPEISA

China’s ‘Magic Weapons’: Influence Operations Subverting Foreign Governments: Bill Gertz
Hawaii Delegation, Security Experts at Crossroads on Defense Against North Korea: Natalie Johnson
Saudi Arabia Announces Women to Be Given Right to Drive: DailyMail

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Five Ways to Get CRISPR into the Body: TechReview
Robot farmers have successfully planted and harvested barley by themselves: DigitalTrends
Deloitte is a sitting duck: Key systems with RDP open, VPN and proxy 'login details leaked': Iain Thomson


After Finding Heart-wrenching Note, Neighbor Saves 90-Year-old Woman From Loneliness: GNN
Anthony Weiner Gets Extended Hard Time: BattleSwarm
UFC Lawsuit: Plaintiffs Want Top Rank's Financials, May Seek Enormous Damages: Paul Gift

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