Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: Congress Plots to Sneak Legal Immigration Hike into Spending Bill

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Congress Plots to Sneak Legal Immigration Hike into Spending Bill: Brendan Kirby
Is Paul Ryan blocking national reciprocity?: Daley Gator
Left’s Tidal Wave of Hate Keeps Flowing: MB

The Language of Losing: Mark Steyn
9/11/17: Trump, Pence, Mattis, Sessions Fail to Name 'Radical Islamic Terror': Breitbart
Gen. Mattis to Congress: Please stop with the long-term continuing resolutions: Scoop

The Destruction of the Individual: Breath of the Beast
Your Beliefs Are No Longer Allowed: Taylor Lewis
Turn In Students of Concern to the Behavior Assessment Team: Dave Blount

DWS IT Guy Was Banned From House After Trying To Hide Secret Server: Luke Rosiak
The Ultimate Weapon: Robert Gore
Report: 600,000 Illegal Immigrants Live in Houston Area: Breitbart


Trump’s Promise to cut Government Jobs Realized: ALR
How New York City May Be Shortchanging Its Poorest Students: Lindsey M. Burke
The High Price That American Workers Pay for Corporate Taxes: Adam Michel

Scandal Central

Climate Kooks Escalate Calls for Criminalizing Dissent: Dave Blount
Witness: Bob Menendez Got Me a Visa After My Rich Boyfriend Gave Him Money: Bre Payton
Seattle Democrat mayor Ed Murray resigns over pedophilia: Pacific

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Dragonfly: Western energy sector targeted by sophisticated attack group: Symantec Connect
Hurricanes, Rainfall, and Climate Change: James D. Agresti
Shocked residents return to Irma-ravaged Florida Keys: Foreign Desk


Epic self-awareness fail: Look who Hillary complained to about ‘propaganda’ pushers: Doug Powers
Laura Loomer asks Hillary what happened to her 33,000 e-maills and Seth Rich: Pacific
Done deal? Laura Ingraham set for 10 pm slot as FNC moves to ratings dominance: BPR

Study: The Liberal Media’s Summer of Pummeling Trump: Rich Noyes and Mike Ciandella
ESPN’s Jemele Hill Calls Trump a White Supremacist: RWN
Nancy Pelosi repeatedly slurs, flubs name of ‘Hamilton’ playwright: Kyle Olson


WA Senator says US must prepare for N Korea nuclear attack: DailyMail
China’s Great Leap in space warfare creates huge new threat: Bll Gertz
A Two-Hour Koran: Political Islam

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Hackers Targeted a US Nuclear Plant (But Don't Panic Yet): WIRED
Hackers Gain Direct Access to US Power Grid Controls: WIRED
Face-reading AI will be able to detect your politics and IQ, professor says | Technology: The Guardian


The Brilliant Mathematician Whom Time Forgot: Ozy
Designers Set World Record For Tallest Sandcastle Using 3,860 Tons of Sand: GNN
$2 trillion man? Market value added since Trump's election win passes milestone: CNBC

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