Sunday, September 03, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: It Wasn’t Comey’s Decision to Exonerate Hillary – It Was Obama’s

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It Wasn’t Comey’s Decision to Exonerate Hillary – It Was Obama’s: Andrew C. McCarthy
Tucker shreds GOP DACA supporters: ‘Their campaign pledges were lies’: Frieda Powers
North Korea threatens an electromagnetic pulse attack: WSJ

Democrats Name Eric "Wall Street" Holder to Win Back Main Street: Steven Rosenfeld
Dem Rep Points Finger at Koch Brothers for Party’s Election Losses: Cameron Cawthorne
Trump consoler-in-chief to Harvey victims, stays focused on NoKo threat: Daniel Chaitin

Peril in Numbers: Affirmative-action hiring endangers the FDNY: Bob McManus
Anonymous Posts Long List of ANTIFA Members: Lots of School Teachers: Cassy Fiano
Saving the Country from Its Own Government: Scott S. Powell

Mitch McConnell is the new Nancy Pelosi: Jen Kuznicki
Pelosi Wants To Meet With Ryan To Help Dreamers: WZ
The Despicable Senator Flake: Humberto Fontova


Report: Illegal immigration costs $296 billion in lost taxes: Paul Bedard
Public School Teachers Behind Violent Antifa Group: Peter Hasson
Pension Ponzi: Minnesota Underfunding Triples After Tweaking One Assumption: ZH

Scandal Central

Was Obama the man behind Comey’s fix to let Hillary Clinton off the hook?: TheDuran
Ex-House IT aide Imran Awan pleads not guilty to federal bank fraud charges: Jamie Dupree
Standoff brews between Senate, FBI over Trump dossier: Byron York

Republicans rising: GOPer finally steps in to halt Mueller hunt: Times
Judge Orders FBI to Release Unredacted Subpoenas From Clinton Investigation: Elizabeth Harrington
Ruling Shows No Secrets Left to Keep in Clinton-Email Case: Britain Eakin

Climate, Energy & Regulations

5 Charts Showing Where Hurricane Irma Might Land: ZH
Category 6?: Michael Snyder


Tucker: 'GOP Heads Finally Found An Issue They Agree On: Preserving Obama's Immigration Policy': InfLib
Hillary holds a fire sale: Monica Showalter
CNN, MSNBC, New York Times Totally Ignore Kansas 'Kill All White People' Murder Suspect: DC

New Data: President Trump More Popular Than Mainstream Media Reports: RWN
Chicago Sun Times: Let Grandmas And Dreamers Stay Or Something: William Teach
A Couple of Armed Robbers Walk into a Bar Filled With Police Officers...: LI


North Korea's Sixth Nuclear Test Is Its Biggest: Stratfor
North Korea declares H-bomb test 'a perfect success': AFP
North Korea Hails ‘Unprecedentedly Big’ Nuclear Test: Bloomberg

Geert Wilders in Italy: “The Future Belongs to the Europe of Sovereign Nations”: GoV
A dangerous precedent being set by US actions against Russia: Adam Garrie
A test for the "progressives" Is this anti-semitic or anti-Zionist?: Elder of Ziyon

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

How Google Uses Its Power To Silence Critics: John Sexton
How our immune systems could stop humans reaching Mars : Sarah Knapton
Google on Jihad: Should Anti-trust Laws Be Used to Break Up the Social Media Giants?: Robert Spencer


Liberals Have A Right To Remain Ignorant: MOTUS
Evacuees who snapped selfie w/@realDonaldTrump says encounter changed their opinion of him: ABC7
Sunday Pics: Daley Gator

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Joseph Kidd said...

Speaking of "true colors"...

John Lott is a respected author and subject matter expert on 2A and gun rights issues, and his commentary when guesting on news shows and talk radio is both thoughtful and incisive. I point this out here and now because, alas, Mr. Lott ended up having what I'll call an ominous run-in that actually exposed Barack Obama's "true colors":

FLASHBACK via John Lott: Obama Told Me "People Shouldn't Be Able To Own Guns"

Anonymous said...

re: previous comment... Conflate @POTUS44's anti-2A stance w/his narco-terrorist gun-running [incl. Fb comments] AND

Unknown said...

What? You found out Obama was lying? Now THERE'S a surprise

Anonymous said...

I wrote about Comey, Hillary, and Obama over a year ago and nailed it.