Monday, September 18, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: One way to break free from the crushing constitutional crisis

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One way to break free from the crushing constitutional crisis: Daniel Horowitz
230 years ago today, the Constitution was signed in Philadelphia: Constitution Center
Trump Will Be Pushing For Reform And America First At United Nations: William Teach

Cotton: DREAM Act Is 'Single Biggest Amnesty in the History of the U.S.': Pam Key
St. Louis Rioters Storm Mall, Chant ‘No Justice, No Profits’: Sierra Marlee
GOP Rallying Votes in Senate for Obamacare Replacement with Block Grants: Times

Crook County is what happens when you elect a leftist to run things: John Ruberry
Professors Must Now Fear Intimidation From Both Sides: Jonathan Haidt
Dallas May Change Schools Named After Jefferson, Franklin, Houston: William Teach

Hillary, America's Miss Havisham: Clarice Feldman
Clinton returns to ‘retail’ politics at Brookfield Costco: Neil Vigdor
Former Clinton aide asks for clemency for husband: INN


Lies, Lies, and OMG More Lies: Jim Quinn
U.S. Shouldn't Copy U.K.'s Failed Single-Payer Health Care System: Terry Jones
Enrollment drops at schools known for 'social justice warfare': Times

Scandal Central

Gender Ideology Harms Children: American College of Pediatricians
Obama's Iran Deal bears Fruit...For Hezbollah...What Could Possibly Go Wrong?: Ace
Levin: Susan Rice lied. Is the GOP going to do anything about it?: Chris Pandolfo


Trump retweets People's Cube meme, media has seizures: Cube
Emmys: Sean Spicer Joins Broadcast, Gets Mocked: Breitbart
Sebastian Gorka predicts Trump will fire some advisers on national security: Thomas Lifson


Second London “Bucket Bomb” Suspect Arrested Was Syrian Refugee…: Treehouse
Haley: ‘North Korea Will Be Destroyed’ if the U.S. Has to Defend Itself: Charles Russell
Conservatives incensed over possible MacManus pick, threaten tough Senate confirmation: Susan Crabtree

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Is this Japanese concept the secret to a long, happy, meaningful life?: WEForum
Mystery Shocks at North Korea's Sacred Volcano Trigger Eruption Fears After Nuclear Test: Newsweek
All of the anti-Semitic, racist, and xenophobic ad-targeting options offered by Big Tech: Qz


Antifa Militants Ready To Break Bones, Invade Homes: John Sexton
Breitbart Had A Point: Why You Should Read The Comments: Example #43,091: Ace
Documentary: Two Teams of Engineers Compete To Recreate Gigantic Trebuchet: Via Ace

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