Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: Steve Bannon on 60 Minutes: DACA Will Spark GOP ‘Civil War’ If Republicans Cave

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Steve Bannon on 60 Minutes: DACA Will Spark GOP ‘Civil War’ If GOP Caves: Breitbart
Bannon: All Citizens of All Backgrounds Are Part of Trump Movement: Breitbart
SCOTUS Grants Pres. Trump’s Request To Lift Travel Order Restrictions: OANN

The Dishonored Dead: Mark Steyn
Unlearned Lessons of the Endless War: Jed Babbin
National Reciprocity Reportedly Going Nowhere Due To Paul Ryan: Tom Knighton

Mexico Sends Top Official to Cali to Help Illegal Aliens Avoid Deportation: Breitbart
Miami-Dade police arrested 28 people for looting in the wake of Hurricane Irma: Circa
UC Berkeley Will Provide Counseling to Help Snowflakes Recover From Ben Shapiro: RWN

The Real Reason the US Navy Keeps Hitting Merchant Vessels: Wes O’Donnell
In The Long Run, 9/11 Didn’t Bring Us Any Closer Together: David Harsanyi
Mattis: Terrorists Learned 'Americans are Not Made of Cotton Candy': Bridget Johnson


To Pay Its Bills, Illinois to Issue Even More Debt: Kevin Binversie
The Right Should Lose Little Sleep over Trump’s Deal with the Dems : Deroy Murdock
Why Is Government Giving “Sanctuary Businesses” And Government A Pass?: RWN

Scandal Central

Google’s search bias against conservative news sites has been quantified: WUWT
Almost Blacklisted by Google: Power Line
The Kind of Person Buildings Will Be Named After Instead of Thought Criminals: RWN

Hillary Clinton's Email Scandal Deserves a Special Prosecutor of Its Own, Former FBI Agent Claims: Tim Marcin
Judge orders Maryland bar to investigate lawyers who helped Clinton delete emails: Stephen Dinan
‘It Was Going Downhill Really Fast’: Anthony Weiner Sexting Victim Speaks Out: Ken Meyer

Climate, Energy & Regulations

St Martin allegedly on verge of 'civil war' after Irma: Loop
The ‘Climate Change’ Threat Is Here Or Something: William Teach


They Sink: Scott McKay
Barack Obama: The former president who won't go away: W. James Antle III
Conan O’Brien Said that Israeli Doctors Deserve the Nobel Peace Prize. He’s Right.: David Gerstman

The stupidest pro-illegal immigration meme: “No human being is illegal”: Bookworm
Let Us Now Praise Muslim Apostates: Fred Siegel
Conan O’Brien Said that Israeli Doctors Deserve the Nobel Peace Prize. He’s Right.: David Gerstman


Rick Rescorla – The Man Who Predicted 9/11: Treehouse
Everything I Needed to Know About Islam I Learned on 9/11: Daniel Greenfield
Terrorists in Germany's Parliament?: Gatestone

How Israel Went Nuclear: Shimon Peres
Negotiating a Path to Dialogue With North Korea: Rodger Baker
Gorka: Trump Administration Must Kill the Iran Deal: Adam Kredo

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Large Asteroid Near Earth Has Two Moons Orbiting It: IBTimes
Hackers could program sex robots to kill: George Harrison
Don’t Take Equifax Up On Its Credit Monitoring Offer: Laura Northrup


The Few, The Proud…….The Dogs Of 9/11: Treehouse
A Great Way To Never Forget: Make America Great Again: MOTUS
Cruise Ship Flees Irma, Passengers Stranded with Unlimited Booze: RWN

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