Friday, September 15, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: Trump's GOP amnesty will bring in millions of ... Democrat voters

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Trump's GOP amnesty will bring in millions of ... Democrat voters: Daniel Horowitz
Schumer, Caught on a Hot Mic, Says the President Likes the Democrats: Erick Erickson
Amnesty Deal Would Be a Huge Win for Trump Foes: Chris Buskirk

House Agrees To $1.6 Billion For Border Wall: DC
Should offensive speech be banned?: PragerU
Berkeley preps for Shapiro with bomb unit, boarded-up ATMs: Anthony Gockowski

Mueller Could Destroy the Last Faith in the Justice System: James Lewis
Swamp Thing Luis Gutierrez Doubles Down: Daniel John Sobieski
Despite Heat, More Alien Families, Minors Crossing Border: Breitbart

Democrats Upset Over Bill Allowing Deportation of Gangbangers: William Teach
Democrats Follow Bernie Sanders Off a Cliff: Matthew Continetti
What You Can’t Say Anymore: In US Gov’t: Meira Svirsky


Debt Ceiling, Now More Than Ever: AmSpec
Bernie In 1987: Medicaid For All ‘Would Bankrupt The Nation’: Patrick Howley
Unions Threaten State’s One Economic Bright Spot: Steven Greenut

Scandal Central

Robert Mueller failed to disclose litigation work Russian government tied company: Pacific
The Awan breach on Capitol Hill gets murkier and leads to more questions: Sara A. Carter
Did Susan Rice Spy on Trump Officials for Muslim Brotherhood?: Daniel Greenfield

Ayuda! (Help!) Equifax Has My Data!: Brian Krebs
Equifax's troubles deepen amid new disclosure about breach: AP
Susan Mauldin: Music Major and Equifax CISO: Hollywood LA News


Facebook Hires 3,000 Staff to Monitor Hate speech: Clarion
Coulter rips Trump for defending Dreamers: Who doesn't want him impeached now?: Hill
Black Ex-con who vowed to 'punch the first white man I see' killed innocent 62-year-old: IB Times

The Biggest Lie Sold to Women: Part 2: Captain Capitalism Pretends Antifa is Peaceful: Tommy Robinson
Alt-Left Insanity: Have You Hugged Your White Privilege Today?: Dan Gainor


South Korea: North Korea launched missile over Japan: Fox 43
China’s Two Front IP War: Mytheos Holt
North Korea's nuclear and missile program moving 'faster than expected,' expert says: Greg Palkot

Bombing On London Subway Being Treated As Terrorist Attack: William Teach
Navy Deploys Cyber Security Team to Investigate USS John McCain Collision: Natalie Johnson
U.S., Israel Reject Claims Relationship Strained, Deny Closed Door Shouting Match: Adam Kredo

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

How We'll Eventually Control Everything With Our Minds: Vice
First Implantable Intraocular Lens (IOL) with a Video Camera and Wireless Transmission Capability: 4-Traders
This Bionic Lens Can Triple Your Eyesight Capability: WSP


Trump Demands Apology From ESPN After Anchor Called Him ‘White Supremacist’: David Rutz
Gravy, On Everything: MOTUS
Ex-Facebook executive says Google, Facebook are 'surveillance states' and risk more regulation: CNBC

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Anonymous said...

And it's that time of year when cell phone makers terrorize billions of people with "upgrades" so their smart phones slow to a crawl. But hey, the new phones are arriving just in time to relieve us of our money, and the stress associated with 1 1/2 year old "junk".