Wednesday, October 02, 2019

Based on their Hysterical Fundraising Emails, It Appears Pelosi and Schiff Just Realized they Screwed the Pooch

Based upon what I just spotted in my spam folder (emphases theirs, highlights mine), I'd say the Democrats' increasingly berserk emails -- all trying to drum up cash -- are emblematic of how suicidal their faux impactment effort will turn out to be. Read along and enjoy!

Speaker Pelosi made it official: The House is moving forward with an impeachment inquiry against Donald Trump.
No, Sparky, the House isn't moving forward with an impeachment inquiry, San Francisco's representative is. There has been no vote of the House, which has always been the path to such a momentous proceeding. This faux inquiry was decided upon by one woman, worth nine figures, living in luxury, and who despises any normal American who doesn't vote Democrat.

Trump, by his own admission, has committed a gross abuse of power.
Negative, Bruce. You have no crime. You have no moral or ethical violation. You have nothing. Least of all do you have a "gross abuse of power". Please send me the link and I'll correct my response, dipsh**s.

Congress has a responsibility to thoroughly investigate this matter and other wrongdoings. Anything less would amount to abandoning its constitutional responsibility to serve as a check on the executive branch.
So Congress has a responsibility to investigate non-crimes? Do tell. Please show us which Article of the Constitution supports this argument. Oh, I forgot, we can email you a a link to the text of the Constitution since I guarantee 99.9% of Democrats have never read it.

We urgently need EVERY Democrat to show they stand with Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats as they pursue accountability and justice. Add your name now.
Accountability and justice: sounds like you're supporting the DOJ investigation of the "Russia collusion" hoax. The reports of which, by the way, can't drop soon enough.

Donald Trump has made countless promises to the American people, but he's proven that he's only capable of serving himself -- and that there is no line he won't cross to do so.
President Trump made countless promises, like rebuilding our manufacturing sector, eradicating Democrats' insane regulations; reining in China's trade secret theft and unfair trade deals; making America energy-independent; building a wall to stop the crushing influx of unvetted, unknown welfare migrants (also known as "undocumented Democrats") into the country; nuking the suicidal Iran deal; moving the U.S. Embassay in Israel to Jerusalem, and many more. Guess what, Luther? He came through. Which is more than we can say about almost every politician in history.

Americans are tired of it, and they deserve better.
Americans are indeed tired of this miasma and they definitely deserve better. They deserve law-abiding and patriotic citizens, not lifetime politicians, controlling the levers of power in Washington. Let's start by eradicating Democrats from the House in November. Then let's do term limits. 6 years max for the House and Senate, how about that?

Trump was only the first businessman in modern history to achieve political success. I hope many, many, many others follow.

Hat tip: BadBlue Uncensored News.


locomotivebreath1901 said...

I feel your pain, D.R. I've a spam email account that I registered with the DNC, etc. in order to see what nonsense they vomit to their base. Every hysterical bleg for attention and cash is a ridiculous mash up of lies, Lies, LIES, and more lies.

A person could spend their next nine lifetimes highlighting counter arguments, and you'd still be left with 80 gazillion emails to refute. These Leftists are insane.

directorblue said...

True dat, my friend.

edutcher said...

There has been no vote of the House

Actually there was one last December. It was voted down.

Anonymous said...

I gave a few dollars to Tulsi to help her get into debates and stir the pot, but DNC hasn't sent these type of emails to me.
Guess DNC really hate Tulsi, won't even buy her email supporter list.

commoncents said...

The Epoch Times Video - Michelle Malkin Follows the Money Behind the Push for Open Borders

Anonymous said...

The Communist Democrat Party moves on lies, innuendo, whispering, and deception.
They all must be elected out.

Anonymous said...

I am against term limits becuase 'We' the people are the check on that, by voting them out. However, having said that, I would propoes that we need to go back to the roots of voting. You have to have 'skin in the game' and be a property owner or some other means like taxpayer. If you are one the the lucky ones that get 'free stuff' you don't vote.

And that should be on all forms of voting. How many school tax votes take place and although they might fail in getting an increase they just keep having a vote until they get what they want.... when can "We the People" vote NO to something and actually get a NO?