Monday, October 14, 2019

Larwyn’s Linx: We’re in a Permanent Coup

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Donald Trump Hat 2020 Keep America Great KAG MAGA with USA Flag Hat
We’re in a Permanent Coup: Matt Taibbi
Did Adam Schiff Just Admit There Was No Quid Pro Quo?: Matt Margolis
Mark Meadows Discusses Fraudulent Impeachment Process and Upcoming IG Report: CTH

Today's liberals are not Progressives, but Regressives: Michael Busler
The Elite Hates The Trump Doctrine Because It Puts America First: Kurt Schlichter
Trump Takes Aim At The Deep South’s Last Democrat Governor: Joe Cunningham

How the American Media Perpetuates and Profits from Mass Shootings: Ammo
California Man Mysteriously Freed After Selling Illegal AR-15s: Jazz Shaw
CA Democrats Expand Red Flag Law Again, Lengthen Confiscatory Period: AWR Hawkins


California power outages highlight economic disparity: Cathy Bussewitz
Georgetown must decide whether it is a university or a hostage to censors: Tom Rogan
Focus group: These Ohio swing voters are outraged over impeachment: Axios

Scandal Central

Ridiculous Shift – Adam Schiff No Longer Requires CIA Gossip for Impeachment Testimony: CTH
Democrats ratchet up impeachment secrecy: Byron York
Tlaib: Dems Discussed Arresting Officials Who Refuse to Comply With Subpoenas: Beth Baumann


Inside the media’s relentless crusade to destroy President Trump: Kimberley Strassel
Dear Associated Press: No, Hunter Biden’s Corruption Hasn’t Been ‘Debunked’: Adam Weiss
Analysis: Fox News Impeachment Poll Underrepresented Republicans: Matt Margolis

CNBC Finally Gets It – A Stunned Jim Cramer: “Trump’s Trade Strategy Is Working”: CTH
New York Post finds a big problem with that Trump impeachment poll: Monica Showalter
Maria Bartiromo: DOJ I.G. report due out Friday and covers 'more than just FISA abuse': Daniel Chaitin


Communist China Is Following Nazi Germany's Playbook Against America: Virgil
‘Crushed bodies and shattered bones:’ China’s Xi Jinping threatens dissidents amid Hong Kong protests: Joel Gehrke
Middle East Experts: Trump Is Right To Pull Back From Syria: Tammy Bruce

Mattis: Resurgence Of ISIS ‘A Given’ After Withdrawal Of US Troops: DCNF
President Trump is 100% Correct on Syria Withdrawal – Here’s Why: CTH
U.S. Army Officer: Turkish Forces Deliberately Targeted Us In Northern Syria: Hot Air

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Apple under scrutiny for sending Safari browsing data to China’s Tencent: TNW
Here's how Alexa learned to speak Spanish without your help: Jon Fingas
Growth of BTC Millionaires Now Matches Bitcoin’s Early Years: New Data: William Suberg


Even Saturday Night Live is starting to find the Democrats ridiculous: Monica Showalter
Shocker: SNL has a truly funny skit: SNL
Greg Gutfeld And Tom Shillue Do A Masterful Roast Of Adam Schiff: Nick Arama



commoncents said...

PART 1: CNN Insider Blows Whistle on Network President Jeff Zucker’s Personal Vendetta Against POTUS (video)  

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the Libs had a Lusty Columbus Day and celebrated performing indigenous activities like rape, dope smoking, grooming fleas from friends, and swilling alcohol.
Me? I was thankful for the man who in 1492 sailed the ocean blue seeking natural resources with which to further the Kingdom of God. What gold he found he sent back to Queen Isabel.
Thank you Cristobal Colon;
X.p.o. Ferens.
Half of us are still grateful.