Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Larwyn`s Linx: The Real Reason Dems Are Slowing Down Impeachment

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The Real Reason Dems Are Slowing Down Impeachment: EIB
GOP lawmaker 'destroyed' latest impeachment witness argument: McCarthy: Charles Creitz
Facing scrutiny, Lindsey Graham runs to Hannity to market his strongly-worded memo: CTH

Durham's probe into possible FBI misconduct expanded based on new evidence: Fox
Durham Looking At Brennan – A Reminder of “The Crown Material” Conflict: CTH
CIA Circles Wagons – Dispatches Media Narrative Engineers to Defend Interests: CTH

Trump Warns Democrats on Dangerous Precedent They're Setting: Matt Margolis
How Trump Is Beating Activist Judges on Immigration: Katrina Trinko
Malkin: GOP Must ‘Combat the People From Inside the Tent’ to Save U.S.: Shane Trejo

Enjoy these videos of Democrats calling Bill Clinton’s impeachment a lynching: Twitchy
Iowa Democrats fret that Elizabeth Warren might not have what it takes to beat Trump: Exam
Pelosi releases 'fact sheet' saying Trump has 'betrayed his oath of office': Cristina Marcos


Pelosi Intentionally Holding Back Ratification of USMCA: CTH
Court Kicks CAIR Out of San Diego School District: Clarion

Scandal Central

John Ratcliffe: Adam Schiff’s “Media Leaks to Frame Impeachment Narrative Are False”: CTH
Judicial Watch: Benghazi Emails Confirm Clinton Email Cover-Up: Tyler O’Neil
Major Obama/Clinton Donor Pleads Guilty as Foreign Agent; Illegal Campaign Contributions: CTH


John Ratcliffe: Adam Schiff’s “Media Leaks to Frame Impeachment Narrative Are False”: CTH
Norah O'Donnell Is Killing What's Left of the CBS Evening News: VodkaPundit
Lindsey Graham condemns impeachment coverage, says press is out to ‘get’ Trump: Madison Dibble

Trump Will Win in 2020 Because of Impeachment: David Catron
Susan Rice: Lindsey Graham is 'a piece of s---': John Bowden
Trump Unloads On Romney For Basically Being Worse Than A Democrat: TruePundit


‘You can never be China’s friend’: Spengler: Urs Gehriger
Pence: 'Permanent' Cease-Fire Achievable Between Turks and Kurds: Fred Lucas
Terrorists Call for Killing Jews -- from UN HQ in Gaza: Bassam Tawil

Who Are the “Experts” on Climate Change?: John Droz, Jr.
39 dead bodies discovered inside truck in Essex, UK, murder suspect arrested: RT
British police have foiled 24 terror plots since ISIS-inspired Westminster attack in March 2017: Daily Mail

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Apple Watch fall detection saves New Jersey man after tumbling off cliff and breaking his back: Michael Potuck
The Army’s 1,000-Mile Long Range Cannon Is Coming Together: Kyle Mizokami
Google says it's achieved quantum supremacy: Rachel England


Pierre Delecto: Mitt Romney reveals his porn star name: Cube
Wednesday Open Thread: “TurdAbout Is Fair Play”: MOTUS
It Is Amazing What They Can Do In The Movies These Days: Earl of Taint


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