Thursday, October 17, 2019

Larwyn`s Linx: Is America Becoming Sinicized?

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Donald Trump Hat 2020 Keep America Great KAG MAGA with USA Flag Hat
Is America Becoming Sinicized?: Victor Davis Hanson
US to Require Chinese Officials to Report American Contacts: Epoch Times
New caravan makes way to USA — Migrants from Africa, Caribbean: Victor Skinner

Trump, Pelosi trade ‘meltdown’ charges in fractious meeting over Syria policy: Jamie McIntyre
House Leadership React to the End of “Nation Building” as a Business Model: CTH
McCarthy, McCaul: Bipartisan Briefing on Syria Improved After Pelosi Meltdown and Exit: CTH

Warren Campaign Panicking Over Socialized Medicine Tax Lies: Daniel Greenfield
House Oversight Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings is dead at 68: Keith Koffler
Beto explains gun confiscation plan: Victor Skinner

Flashback: Biden, 29, Won Election By Highlighting Opponent’s ‘Old’ Age: Shifra
One tiny question moderators forgot to ask at Democratic debate: Monica Showalter
What the flying f*** is up with all of you Tulsi worshippers?: @HNIJohnMiller


Moody’s Report: If economy holds at current levels, Trump wins in 2020: Sara Carter
I went back home to Ohio's Trump country: honest people have hope again.: Jason Williams
These 3 Countries Tried Socialism. Here’s What Happened.: Lee Edwards

Scandal Central

Adam Schiff Pressured Witness To Change His Story And Accuse Trump Of Pressuring Ukraine: RS
Kurdish ‘PKK’ Terrorists Were Rebranded by Obama Officials to Dupe the U.S. Public: Shane Trejo
The Left Targets Supreme Court With ‘Packing’ Threat, ‘Shortlist’ of Activist Nominees: Fred Lucas

Biden Lied for Years About the Driver Involved in His Wife & Daughter's Death: Stephen Green
Democrats Denounce President Trump For Ending Syrian War They Never Authorized: CTH
Elizabeth Warren Scrubs DNA Test Video From Twitter: Alex Griswold


Bad Gaslighting Epidemic Sweeps The Elite: Kurt Schlichter
Leftists Threaten Violence If Theaters Show Jordan Peterson Documentary: Brandon Morse
President Trump Immolates ABC’s Jon Karl In Must-See Television: RS


Liberty Guns Beer Trump Funny LGBT Parody Shirt
See Something, Say Nothing?: Shireen Qudosi
Scandal-plagued Trudeau faces tough reelection fight in Canada: Barry Brown
Don’t Think the Turks Are Slaughtering the Kurds? Watch This: Clarion

How Erdogan Planned This Ethnic Cleansing All Along: Malcolm Lowe
Hundreds busted in connection to ‘vile’ dark web child porn site: Kenneth Garger
Britain, EU Strike Brexit Deal Ahead of Summit: VOA

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Artificial Intelligence Is on the Case in the Legal Profession: Harmon Leon
Conservatives Need To Take On Big Tech Now: Mike Davis
California Turns Off a Lot More Than Just the Lights with Forced Blackouts: Stephen Green


The Following Is A Paid Political Message: MOTUS
Think You’ve Seen It All?: Earl of Taint
South Park Mocks LeBron James' Response About China: Sadi Martin



Anonymous said...

As Elijah Cummings died he was heard to exclaim, "I'm supposed to be picked up by 2 Chariots, not 2 Cheroots", and there ensued no small amount of screaming.

beannar said...

I don’t think they think about it much, but they just have this one bill that has Hong Kong in it, and they’re wielding it like a club, and they don’t seem to understand that the club is basically going to whack the Hongkongers upside the head, and the Beijingers will be dancing in the streets. y ou can check my response in animation