Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Larwyn's Linx: Bring On the Biggest Nothingburger of Them All

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”Exonerated: The Failed Takedown of President Donald Trump by the Swamp” by Dan Bongino:
Bring On the Biggest Nothingburger of Them All: Conrad Black
Five Times his Son’s Dealings Presented Conflicts Of Interest For Joe Biden: Haris Alic
The Impeachment Theater Won’t Stop The Spygate Fallout: Brian Cates

Did Chuck Grassley and his Staffers Finally Wake Up?: Townhall
Michael Goodwin: The Left Now Supports the CIA Spying On The President: Ian Schwartz
Warren Backs AOC’s Illegal Immigrant Welfare Plan: Collin Anderson

This Great Tribunal of the American People: Thaddeus G. McCotter
Graham: “We’re Not Going To Try The President Based On Hearsay”: Hot Air
The U.S. Senate Has a Survival Interest in Supporting Impeachment Effort: CTH


Peter Navarro Discusses U.S-China Trade, Economy and Pelosi Impeachment Fraud: CTH
40 inches of snow: Northwest US hit by ‘unprecedented’ storm: RT
Wintry Blast Plunges Temps in Rockies: NewsMax

Scandal Central

I.G.’s Ties Suggest Ukraine ‘Scandal’ is Just More Collusion Hoax: Julie Kelly
Smart Move – Flynn Lawyer Tells Judge Motive Behind Why Flynn Took Guilty Plea: CTH
Report: AG Barr Is Ramping Up His Probe Of CIA, FBI Activities In 2016: Chuck Ross

Top Lawmakers Ask IC Inspector General: Who Made Secret Changes To Whistleblower Rules?: Sean Davis
ICIG Attempts Four-Page Justification for Changing “Urgent Concern” Whistle-blower Guidelines: CTH
Confirmed: AG Barr and U.S. Atty. Durham Traveled to Italy to Question Officials About Russia Hoax: Debra Heine


No One Noticed When Clinton and Obama Abused Whistleblowers: Jack Cashill
Rudy Giuliani Continues to Outline Biden Corruption and The “Compliant Crooked” Media: CTH
Sen. Graham on Spygate: “I Know We’re Going To Find Out About That in Two Weeks”: CTH

Lawfare (Via WaPo) Narrative: AG Barr Working With Foreign Governments on 2016 Investigation: CTH
Australian Government Releases May 28th Letter Destroying New York Times Narrative: CTH
‘All Rise:’ Woke Judge Wants ICE to ‘Feel’ ‘Empathy’ for Illegal Immigrants: Sadi Martin


Greta Thunberg’s Seething Hatred A Perfect Example of Leftist Ideology Contaminating The Innocent: AmGreatness
Palestinians Steal Electricity, Then Blame Israel: Bassam Tawil
Lessons in Draining the Swamp from Ukraine: Christopher Roach

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Space Commander Warns Chinese Lasers Could Blind U.S. Satellites: National Defense
Facebook, Google, Amazon face another House inquiry: Bloomberg: Reuters
Air Force New B61 Mod 12 Nuclear Bomb Hits Targets in Testing: Warrior Maven


This Woman Found a Rare $250,000 Rolex Beneath the Cushions of Her Couch: Paul Altieri
Video: SNL's Hilarious Mockery of the Democratic Debates: Guy Benson
Aide to Harris accused of running an occult police force claiming to be 3,000 years old: Colin Campbell (2015)



Anonymous said...

What say when we tire of the Democrats posturing we suspend the Document they have fornicated and make Trump King for 6 years.
Maybe in 2004 their senses will have returned to them.

Prosecute Amari ALlen to the full extent of the Law!

commoncents said...

VIDEO - Biden Ukraine - China Scandal Laid Out Perfectly by Peter Schweizer and Mark Levin