Monday, September 30, 2019

Larwyn's Linx: Complaint From So-Called ‘Whistleblower’ Is Riddled With Gossip, Blatant Falsehoods

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”Exonerated: The Failed Takedown of President Donald Trump by the Swamp” by Dan Bongino:
‘Whistleblower’ Complaint Riddled With Gossip, Blatant Falsehoods: Sean Davis
POTUS Tweets About The Pelosi/Schiff Anonymous Complaint Impeachment Plan: CTH
Why Pelosi Now Supports Impeachment Even Though It’s Insane: George S. Bardmesser

Ukraine is just the latest ploy in 'witch hunt' to drive Trump from White House: Gregg Jarrett
Another Bogus Whistleblower Claim Shredded: Tom Ozimek
Lindsey Graham: "Why Did They Change Whistleblower Rules" This Thing Stinks": Tim Hains

Angered: Mark Levin Discusses Sneaky Construct of Pelosi Impeachment Plan: CTH
How 'no one is above the law' could backfire on Democrats: Byron York
Ranking Member Doug Collins Now Recognizes Pelosi Impeachment Scheme: CTH

Pelosi: Losing House Might Be Worth The Price If Trump Is Impeached: Chris White
Scott Pelley Leads 60 Minutes Impeachment Coverage With a Huge Lie: CTH
Sunday Talks: Stephen Miller -vs- Chris Wallace: CTH


‘Here are a bunch of charts that prove the world is better than ever’….: Carpe Diem

Scandal Central

Dan Bongino calls the Russia investigation the biggest political scandal of our time: Life, Liberty & Levin
Hunter Biden: The Most Comprehensive Timeline: Jim Geraghty
Adam Schiff’s collusion with oligarch, Ukrainian arms dealer, exposed: The Duran (2018)

Mark Levin Interviews Peter Schweizer About Biden Corruption: Life, Liberty & Levin
Did The Inspector General’s Office Help The ‘Whistleblower’ Try To Frame Trump?: Margot Cleveland
DNI Responds to Questions About the Altered Whistleblower Form: S. Noble


Learning nothing from 2016: the media are biased in favor of Warren: Saagar Enjeti
Hahhahahahahhahaa: Biden Campaign Demands TV News Execs Stop Booking Giuliani: Joel B. Pollak
Fake Tapper deletes his tweet after New York Times stealth-edits original story: Twitchy

CBS Margaret Brennan Taken to Woodshed by Rudy Giuliani Over Ukraine: CTH
He Continues – Rudy Giuliani Wrecks ABC’s Narrative Engineer George Stephanopoulos: CTH
John Brennan Engages In Sedition On Twitter – Gets Called Out For His Own Treason: Standard


Iran puts its energy sector on 'full alert' for attacks: TOI
Huawei Wants the World's Next Trojan Horse to Be Chinese: Gordon G. Chang
The genius of Boris’s Brexit slogan: James Kirkup

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Here's What We Know So Far About The Possibly Interstellar Object in Our Solar System: Michelle Starr
Scientists Capture First-Ever Image of Quantum Entanglement: Futurism
Why is Dropbox reinventing itself?: TechCrunch


How Did It Feel?: Paul Serran
Mirrorless Monday: Common Sense Control: MOTUS
Storm Chasers: Earl of Taint



Anonymous said...

I pray for whistleblower Ned Stevens all the time, I wish that his family, his co-workers or the CIA would have an intervention for him, for the good of the Country.
I pray that God will illuminate him to see right from wrong. It's very problematic.

Anonymous said...

You idiot, it's Ned Price.
I saw Ned in Catatoga Falls NY on Saturday, then in Saratoga Springs on Sunday, he looked pretty happy.
Where have you seen Ned Price?