Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Larwyn's Linx: Michael Flynn Graymails the Government

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Michael Flynn Graymails the Government: George Parry
Witnesses Defended Kavanaugh. NYT Lied, Claimed They Were Silent: Mollie Hemingway
Don't believe the victim, says Times reporter—she was probably drunk!: Becket Adams

House Democrats fully earned and deserve Corey Lewandowski's trolling: Tiana Lowe
Corey Lewandoski roasts Democrats during testimony: NatlSntl
Lewandowski Rips Hillary During Hearing: I Didn’t Delete My Emails: Shelby Talcott

New Book Says Comey Skirted Protocol To Set Up Fateful Flynn Interview: Chuck Ross
4 Key Moments From House Panel’s First ‘Impeachment Hearing’: Fred Lucas
CFPB Decides that the CFPB Is Unconstitutional: Jonathan H. Adler


USMCA Update - Differing Opinions from Members of Congress: CTH
Plumbing of global financial system just sprung a big leak: Stephen Bartholomeusz
Trump Admin to Revoke California’s Power to Set Its Own Auto Emission Rules: KTLA

Scandal Central

In the Land of No Consequence, Bad Behavior Festers: Julie Kelly
Ilhan Omar Deletes 2013 Post That Revealed Her Father’s Name: Luke Rosiak
Democrat megadonor Ed Buck was arrested after a 3rd man overdosed in his home: Ryan Saavedra


The media has officially lost its damn mind: Shane Smith
Times Reporters Also Omitted Key Kavanaugh Detail In NPR Interview: Mollie Hemingway
Trump Jr. Blasts The New York Times After More Bigoted Tweets Revealed: Ryan Saavedra


Pompeo heads to Saudi Arabia to discuss response to alleged Iran attack: AFP
More Details Surface Surrounding Arrest of Senior Canadian Intelligence Official: CTH
Next for Turkey? Nuclear Weapons!: Burak Bekdil

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

From Communism To Coding: How Daniel Dines Of $7 Billion UiPath Became The First Bot Billionaire: Alex Conrad
Lost 8th continent hidden 1,000 miles under Europe, new research shows: Aylin Woodward
Police Test New 'Spider-Man' Device as Taser Alternative: Federalist Papers


Update On My Husband’s Cancer Treatment – 09/15/19 – Going Home: Noisy Room
Stand With Corey: CTH
Who is Javier Burillo Azcarraga, the Mexican tycoon arrested after son’s boat death?: LAT



Anonymous said...

Greta Thunberg wants to be the face of Mommy Earth, Ilhan Omar wants her father to go away, Nancy Piglosi tells us again that Trump will never be (re-elected), Brett Kavanagh really did somethin' this time, and Whitney Houston has risen from the dead. This station break has been brought to you by the Democrats.

Anonymous said...

I thing there is a typo in your second headline. I think you want "NY TIMES LIED". Not liked.