Tuesday, September 03, 2019

Larwyn's Linx: Trump — or What, Exactly?

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Trump Hat 2020 Keep America Great Camo MAGA Hat
Trump — or What, Exactly?: Victor Davis Hanson
103 Days – Where Are Rosenstein’s Scope Memos to Robert Mueller?: CTH
The White Nationalism Fraud Part 1: John C. Velisek

Joe Biden Is Going Nuts: Jim Goad
Mattis blasts ‘indifferent’ Biden for bungling Iraq: ‘The enemy gets a vote’: Caitlin Yilek
Democratic Presidential Clown Car Update for September 2, 2019: BattleSwarm

Soros Spends Nearly $9 Million Lobbying, Now Targets Guns: WFB
To Reduce Gun Violence, Arm All Americans: Charlie Martin
Texas shooter fired hours before attack: Ellie Bufkin


This Labor Day, Unions Are Gunning for Workers' Free Speech Rights: Tyler O'Neil

Scandal Central

When indulgence breeds violence: Times
Sidney Powell Lowers the Boom in the Flynn Case: Will Chamberlain
Lindsey Graham presses DOJ to declassify Carter Page FISA process: Daniel Chaitin


President Trump Eviscerates Washington Post: I'm Not Racist, The Squad Is!: Michael van der Galien
1619: Founding Fallacies: Steve Sailer
Case closed in Russia collusion: Lou Deholczer

Demoralized, Depressed and Defiant: Jim Quinn
Bernie’s Daft Plan to Save Journalism: Jack Shafer, Politico
Police: Epstein confidant has 'disappeared without a trace': Ellie Bufkin


China Threatens Hong Kong Protesters: ‘End Is Coming’ For Those Who ‘Antagonize China’: Ryan Saavedra
IDF foils Hezbollah’s risky attacks and its attempts to secure guided missiles: Yaakov Lappin
Knife Crime Has Rocketed in the UK: The Sun

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Hurricane Dorian downgraded to Category 3 storm, continues its assault on the Bahamas: Edmund DeMarche
Secret Dutch mole aided Stuxnet attack on Iran's nuke program – report: Yonah Jeremy Bob
Worried About Huawei? Take a Closer Look at Tencent: Sarah Cook


Snopes Rates Biden's Claim That 2+2=5 As 'Mostly True': Bee
Democrats Launch New ‘Listen Up, Hayseeds’ Campaign To Connect With Rural Voters: Onion
10 Fun Facts About Labor Day: IMAO



Anonymous said...

We see that Millennials are demonstrating low patience thresholds, and frustrations that are hard to handle. One must note that the propensities of Millennials to shoot up their fellow man is a problem they themselves must bear, come to grips with, and solve. Expecting Uncle Sam, their helicoptering Parent, to pass laws to keep them safe is unacceptable.
Violence at its root is a propensity to maltreat others, and these latch-key offspring need to push away from the video violences they have sautéed themselves in, divorce themselves from their first reactions to conflict that arise from frustration, and do some growing up. Go outside, get some liberty, and do new things.

Anonymous said...

Busted link on "Trump or What, Exactly?" at the top.