Saturday, September 14, 2019

Larwyn's Linx: McCabe’s Lawfare Alliance Working With Media Masters to Frame Defense

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Ball of Collusion: The Plot to Rig an Election and Destroy a Presidency, by Andrew C. McCarthy
McCabe’s Lawfare Alliance Working With Media Masters to Frame Defense: CTH
What Do You Mean, ‘We’?: Chuck de Caro
Illegals Now Leaving Yelp-like Ratings on the Best Illegal-enabling Services: AMAC

My Analysis of the Democrat Debate: Dumb and Dumber: EIB
Was There Really No American Flag on Stage at the Democrat Debate?: Polizette
Levin: Jerry Nadler just ‘perverted the impeachment process’: Carmel Kookogey

Michelle Malkin: End to Refugee Resettlement ‘Long Overdue’: CTH
California Introduces Bill to Ban ICE Detention Centers, Private Prisons: Jennie Taer
Democrats Represent All Countries But America, Mr. Kirk: Judi McLeod

Know The Constitution Or Get Ready For No Constitution: John Whitehead
Beto Blows Lid Off ‘No One Wants to Take Your Guns’: David Rutz
Kamala Harris Nears Cancellation: RS


Best 'Recession' Ever: Retail Sales Up 'Unexpectedly'; Despite Tariffs, Prices Drop: CTH
Creepy Swedish 'Child of the Corn' Is Here to Bring Atmospheric Enlightenment: Diogenes
US Economy Is ‘Now on the Upswing’ Despite the Fed and the Global Slump: Kudlow: Emel Akan

Scandal Central

DOJ inspector general completes investigation into alleged FISA abuse: Daniel Chaitin & Jerry Dunleavy
Bradley Moss and John Yoo Debate “Honest Mistake -vs- Nefarious Intent” Within IG Report: CTH
Andrew McCabe’s Lawyer Wants To Find Out What The Grand Jury Is Up To: Chuck Ross


Politico Reports That Israel Placed Spy Devices Near White House, Then Mark Levin Intervenes: Elizabeth Vaughn
Trey Gowdy Warns Everyone to Lower Their Expectations: CTH
Was Israel spying? Or was the StingRay story an anti-Bibi sting?: Quin Hillyer


Panda Hungry – China Buys Soybeans, Exempts Pork and Beans From Additional Tariffs: CTH
Navy Destroyer Tests China’s Claim to Disputed S. China Sea Islands: Bill Gertz
Top Canadian Intelligence Official Arrested for Leaking Secret Information: CTH

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

How To Get the Most Out of Your Smartphone Battery: WIRED
Navy Carrier Group Sets Sail Without Its Carrier As Maintenance Troubles Plague Force: Joseph Trevithick
Calif. bill would ban facial recognition tech on body cams: OAN


“But Did It Work, Mommy?”: MOTUS
In 5-4 Ruling, Supreme Court Holds That Second Amendment Requires Mandatory Gun Ownership: IMAO
George In The Land Of Giants: SDA



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Whitehead's Commentary on the Bill of Rights warrants the quick review this article gives.