Saturday, September 07, 2019

Larwyn's Linx: China's blueprint for global dominance

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Trump Hat 2020 Keep America Great Camo MAGA Hat
China's blueprint for global dominance: Dave Lawler
AMLO Drops the Hammer on African Migrants in Mexico…: CTH
Democrats To Take Formal Steps On Impeachment Next Week: Ryan Saavedra

Airline Mechanic Abdul-Majeed Marouf Ahmed Alani Charged with Sabotaging Plane: Jim Hoft
Omar Celebrates Judge Ruling Terror Watch List Violates Constitutional Rights: GWP
Julián Castro Lauds How Muslims Have Helped Make America Great: Robert Spencer

ICE nabs war criminals, human rights violators in sanctuary cities: Monica Showalter
Feds Demand Apple, Google Release 10,000+ Users Of Gun Scope App: Thomas Brewster
Warren Will Put Millions Of People Out Of Work On First Day As President: Mike LaChance

29-Year-Old Communist Bartender AOC Lectures SEAL on How to Handle Firearms: GWP
Americans have become children — demanding, dependent and needy: Maureen Callahan
Republicans to scrap primaries and caucuses as Trump challengers cry foul: Alex Isenstadt


Levin: Green New Deal is really 'Red New Deal', advanced by media: Ernst
Augustt: 130,000 Jobs Added, Annual Wage Growth 3.2%, 3-Mo. Wage Growth 4.2%: CTH
Chairman Larry Kudlow Discusses August Jobs and Labor Report: CTH

Scandal Central

Did Obama administration commit 'biggest accounting fraud in history' with student loans?: Yahoo!
Gen. Flynn’s Endgame Approaches: Brian Cates
Tom Fitton Discusses the IG Report on James Comey: CTH


Mark Levin blasts Democrats, CNN over 7-hour 'scam': 'They know nothing about the climate': Charles Creitz
Highlights of the News: Don Surber
Karl Marx: Intellectual Father of the 1619 Project?: Rev. Ben Johnson

The Morning Briefing: CNN Is the GOP's New Best Friend: Stephen Kruiser
Super-Redundant Progressive Website ThinkProgress Is Shutting Down: Chuck Ross
Winning: Check Out the Trump Campaign's Brilliant Response to SharpieGate Fake News: Matt Margolis


How Despots Interpret Deals with the West: Bassam Tawil
Merkel Takes Her Tin Cup to China: CTH
NHS chief condemns illegal trade in deadly 'zombie' knives and blasts shops for selling them: DailyMail

Horrific Reports From Bahamas in Dorian Aftermath – A Topography Changed Event: CTH
Iran seizes ship for alleged fuel smuggling in Gulf, holds Filipino crew: JPost
Palestinian education celebrates jihad, vilifies Israel: WIN

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

I Don’t Care About Climate Change. It is a Religious Doctrine of Progressive Secularists.: Erick Erickson
The entire Australian temperature record in five minutes: JoNova
If Democrats Cared About the Environment, They’d Talk About China: Allum Bokhari


Days that end in ‘y’: Locomotive
Chickens Are Trans-People Too: MOTUS
Wascawy: Earl of Taint



Anonymous said...

Millennials are going to have to fix their own problems, if that is even possible.

Anonymous said...

The ChiComs were working overtime in the Bahamas for their own military purposes, glad Dolian sat on them and rubbed out their shipping lanes. Go back to China, and take all that Chinese building debris with you.

The (Deplorable) MUSEman said...

The article "China's blueprint for global dominance: Dave Lawler", published in April of 2019, mentions the following:

"[The book's author] argues that "we have to start thinking the unthinkable" now, in terms of unwinding economic ties to China and shifting supply chains to politically friendly countries."

Funny...that's exactly what Trump promised he'd do and is trying to do...while the press drumbeats the (presumed) negative impact on our cost of goods and economic outlook of Trump's "trade war" rather than reporting it as an attempt to stem China's rush to global dominance.

commoncents said...

ALL TIME RECORD LOW! Black Unemployment Rate 5.5% For August 2019