Thursday, September 05, 2019

Larwyn's Linx: We Don’t Trust You

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Ball of Collusion: The Plot to Rig an Election and Destroy a Presidency, by Andrew C. McCarthy
We Don’t Trust You: Ann Coulter
When will big city Democrats stop enabling illegal immigration?: Robby Starbuck
Biden's eye fills with blood during CNN climate town hall: Julio Rosas, Joseph Simonson

Influence Power: How China Covertly Operates in the U.S.: Bill Gertz
Where is Huma Abedin’s Laptop?: CTH
Obama Lawyer Greg Craig Found Not Guilty of Lobbying Violations: CTH

Omar Feels the Heat: Scott Johnson
Did Ilhan Omar’s Husband Spill The Tea? He Reportedly Told Friends She WAS Married To Brother: Sarah Lee
San Francisco Declares the NRA to Be a 'Domestic Terrorist Organization': Rick Moran

'The Squad' Urged Supporters to Help Out Anti-Straight Pride Antifa Thugs: PJM
In Boston, Antifa Chose… Poorly: Brandon Morse
Justice Delayed Twelve Years In Knoxville Horror Slayings: John Derbyshire


From Icon to Just a Con: Victor Davis Hanson
Government should get out of the flood insurance business: Ted Noel
British Globalists Pass Bill to Block ‘No-Deal’ Brexit; More Elitist Efforts to Ignore Referendum: CTH

Scandal Central

Disgraced ex-FBI official Andrew McCabe now headlining Democratic fundraisers: Becket Adams
HPSCI Member Nunes Files Lawsuit Against Fusion-GPS Claiming Racketeering and Conspiracy: CTH
‘Hundreds of other people implicated’ in Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell court documents: TruePundit


Joy Behar says Nancy Pelosi wants a moderate Democrat in 2020 after cocktail party chat: Sam Dorman
Ted Cruz Accepts Alyssa Milano's Challenge to Debate Gun Issues: Matt Margolis
CNN Publishes Biased Analysis Heralding Walmart’s Gun Sales Decision: Spencer Irvine

Houston Woman Proves to Her Attackers and the Media that a Gun Is a Girl’s Best Friend: Brandon Morse
Obama at Columbia – Or Was He?: Lloyd Billingsley
Strange Things Are Happening on Epstein Island: Drone Footage: Vigilant


'Act of war': Mattis says Obama's inept response to Cafe Milano bomb plot 'emboldened' Iran: Kelly Jane Torrance
Iran said to be building large military base on Iraq-Syria border: TOI
Boko Haram: Bloody Terror, No End in Sight: Uzay Bulut

Hong Kong leader to announce withdrawal of extradition bill: media report: OAN
Hong Kong Protesters Keep Up Pressure, Despite Extradition Bill Withdrawal: William Gallo
Dutch Woman Who Saved Jews from Nazis Dies at 99: VOA

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

How the English Language Is Taking Over the Planet: Jacob Mikanowski
Here's a Machine That Turns Carbon Dioxide Into Liquid Fuel: Jennifer Leman
The Rise of Cyber and the Changing Nature of War: Christopher Wooding


Baltimore Mayor: “You Can Have Our Rats When You Pry Them From Our Cold, Dead Hands!”: IMAO
Throwback Thursday, Evil Twin Edition: MOTUS
Walmart Discontinues Auto Part Sales To Prevent Car Accidents: Bee

QOTD: “Here’s an invitation to super-patriot Jim Comey. I’ll give you a full hour on this show to explain ‘unverified’, ‘salacious’ versus a ‘verified’ FISA application, both before and after you lied to the President.” --Sean Hannity


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liberals are sharing a petition on Facebook to ban a spoof game where caricatures of Trump, Hitler, Brenton Tarrant and others and shoot democrats, LGBTQ, Muslims, Antifa etc, the worst part is it has over 60,000 signatures

Karol said...
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