Monday, September 09, 2019

Larwyn's Linx: Dr. Robert Epstein: Google search exhibited 'dramatic bias' during 2016 election

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Justice on Trial: The Kavanaugh Confirmation and the Future of the Supreme Court, by Mollie Hemingway. Brilliant, with a 5.0 rating on Amazon!
Epstein: Google search exhibited 'dramatic bias' during 2016 election: Charles Creitz
Clinton Foundation, Bill Gates and Jeffrey Epstein: Daniel Greenfield
Tony Perkins On Shootings: It’s ‘Not Absence Of Laws; It’s An Absence Of Morality’: DailyWire

Warren Pledges to Rebuild Russian, Chinese Economies “On Day One” as President: CTH
Lawyers: Harris defied SCOTUS; hid evidence from defense attorneys: Alana Goodman
Politifact (right!?) catches Kamala Harris in yet another lie: Twitchy

Democratic Presidential Clown Car Update for September 9, 2019: BattleSwarm
Illegal border crossings drop hugely in August: Jazz Shaw
Trump campaign manager: The Trump “dynasty” will “last for decades”: Paul Mirengoff


Kevin Hassett Says Trump’s Trade War Is Worth the Cost: Lizzie O'Leary
More fake five-alarm crises from the IPCC: Paul Driessen
6.2 Million Americans Drop off Food Stamps Under Trump; Saving $750 Million Annually: GWP

Scandal Central

Loose Ends, Tied: Cold Fury
Ratcliffe: DOJ must indict McCabe to prove there aren’t two standards: Jerry Dunleavy
Ratcliffe Discusses DOJ/FBI Outcomes, SSCI Involvement in Blocking His DNI Nomination: CTH


CNN continues to purge non-leftists: Brian Flood
How Lincoln Triumphed in an Era Even More Toxic Than Ours: Daily Beast
Glenn Beck: If Trump Doesn't Win "We Are Officially At The End Of The Country As We Know It": Ian Schwartz

The Trayvon Hoax That Divided America Is About to Be Exposed: Jack Cashill
Mattis pinpoints 'increasing contempt' between Americans as major national security threat: Jon Brown
Hypocrisy: Right-wing outrage mob gets liberal professor fired: Brad Polumbo


Taliban justifies 9/11 attack, blaming America’s ‘interventionist policies’: LWJ
Israelis brutally beaten in Poland club, attackers said to scream ‘f**k Israel’: TOI
Somali parents in London send their children to Africa because of knife crime epidemic: Easton Caller

IDF says pro-Iran militia fired rockets at Israel, amid reports of Syria strike: TOI
Airstrikes in eastern Syria said to kill 18 pro-Iran fighters: TOI
‘Killer slime’: Highly toxic algae invades France’s picturesque beaches: RT

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Coming Soon to a Battlefield: Robots That Can Kill: Zachary Fryer-Biggs
Microsoft President Brad Smith: Tech sector needs to face up to responsibility and embrace regulation: Todd Bishop
COBOL turns 60: Why it will outlive us all: Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols


AOC Takes Advantage Of The Crisis: Earl of Taint
Mirrorless Monday Inaugural: MOTUS
Ship with Climate Change Warriors caught in ice, Warriors evacuated: WUWT


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