Friday, September 13, 2019

Larwyn's Linx: The Side-Takers

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Trump Hat 2020 Keep America Great Camo MAGA Hat
The Side-Takers: Tom Kendall
U.S. Attorney moving forward with charges against McCabe Based On IG Report: Sara Carter
US attorney approves criminal charges against McCabe, as DOJ rejects last-ditch appeal: Fox

Democrats take aim at gun owners in Houston debate: Naomi Lim
Still unexplained: Muslim kids in Philly dance to chopping heads jihad song: Cheryl K. Chumley
In debate, Democrats steer clear of economy: Byron York

Why NC-9 Should Frighten the Democrats: David Catron
Inside Warren’s War With the Obama Team: Alex Thompson
Fmr. ICE director on Wasserman-Schultz attacks: ‘Wanna go toe-to-toe?: Frieda Powers


“Recession”? Inflation 1.7%, Wage Growth +3.5%, Real Worker Earnings +1.8%: CTH
Trump rolls back ‘destructive and horrible’ Obama-era water rule: Nate Madden
Treasury Sec. Mnuchin: “China tariff delay is a good will gesture, nothing more”: CTH

Scandal Central

Rep. Doug Collins Rips Jabba the Nadler a New One: TrueDat
Progressivism Without Guard Rails: Steven Greenhut
Rule Over Law or Rule of Law? China’s IP Theft Dilemma: AmSpec


I like Elizabeth Warren. Too bad she’s a hypocrite.: Ed Rendell
Axelrod: Biden tweeting Obama video 'as subtle as a screen door on a submarine': John Bowden
Does CNN--Finally--Need to have its Broadcast License suspended or pulled?: Sher Zieve

Confirmed: Clinton White House, DNC Trained Seminar Callers: EIB
Hillary Clinton gets brutally mocked for reading printouts of her own emails at art exhibit: Joseph A. Wulfsohn
CNN Defends McCabe: “Prosecuting lying in these very esoteric circumstances, is very rare”: CTH


Levin: ‘Should we have been in any peace negotiations with the Taliban?’: Carmel Kookogey
Peter Navarro Outlines Changes in USPS Mail Subsidy for Chinese Shipments: CTH
New Footage: How Palestinians Celebrated in the Streets After 9/11 Terror Attacks: UWI

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Liberal Research Psychologist Found ‘Very Dramatic Pro-Hillary Clinton Bias’ in Google Search Results: CNS
Comrade Bernie’s Green New Deal Would Essentially Nationalize The U.S. Energy Sector: Cove
Sony's Crystal cinema display supports 16K, but could cost millions: Steve Dent


Bumper Snickers: Bluebird of Bitterness
What Do You Call a Bridge With Drooping Nuts: Diogenes
Snort: C&S



Anonymous said...

Does cable CNN have a broadcast license?

I thought that the FCC only governed over the air spectrum.

commoncents said...

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