Monday, September 23, 2019

Larwyn's Linx: Devin Nunes: The Ukraine Issue “Could Be The End of Biden’s Campaign”

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Trump Hat 2020 Keep America Great Camo MAGA Hat
Devin Nunes: The Ukraine Issue “Could Be The End of Biden’s Campaign”: CTH
Missing piece to the Ukraine puzzle: State Dept. overture to Giuliani: John Solomon
Despite Warnings Media Steps on a Rake With “Whistleblower” Story: CTH

Slandering the American Founding: Mackubin Thomas Owens
The Pagan Summoning Circle Of Ilhan Omar: Toni Williams
AOC: House Refusal To Impeach Even More Scandalous Than Trump: Alex Parker

New Poll Shows Elizabeth Warren Leading In Iowa For The First Time: Tristan Justice
It’s Deja-Vu All Over Again – The Ukraine Effort is Simply “Obstruction 2.0″: CTH
Biden accuses Trump of 'abuse of power' over Ukraine call: Tal Axelrod

A Texas-Sized Welcome For Modi And Trump: Karen Townsend
Sunday Talks – Senator Lindsey Graham -vs- Maria Bartiromo: CTH
Scott Pressler’s Group Cleans Up L.A. Homeless Camp In 9 Hours: RS


Democrats promote unionizing entire industries with 'sectoral bargaining': Sean Higgins
Trump gives Cali a big fat 'no' after state asks for more cash to promote homelessness: Monica Showalter
Bankrupt Illinois Cities Forced to Cut Services to Fund Pensions: MishTalk

Why many Muslims treat Bernie Sanders like a rock star: Jaweed Kaleem
Trump Administration to UNC and Duke: Quit Promoting Islam on Our Dime: Robert Spencer
Climate change protesters who marched through NYC leave litter strewn across the city: DailyMail

Scandal Central

Joe Biden's 2020 Ukrainian nightmare: A closed probe is revived: John Solomon
Joe Biden Sure Seems Terrified To Talk About His Ukraine Dealings: RS
Giuliani: "Biden's Family Has Been Taking Money From His Public Office For Years": Tim Hains

The Real Problem At Yale Is Not Free Speech: Natalia Dashan
Donald Trump: 'Real and Only Story' Is Joe Biden's Ukraine Scandal: Charlie Spiering
Fitton believes ‘all materials in bogus Russia dossier were product of CIA disinformation’: NatlSntl


Another New York Times Editor Made Racist, Anti-Semitic Comments: Haris Alic
President Trump: “Fake News Media Trying to Protect Biden” Within Ukraine Whistleblower Story: CTH
GOP allies warn vaping ban will sink Trump in 2020: Alayna Treene

Book-burning, left-wing journalists work to deplatform independent content creators.: Ian Miles Cheong
Instagram is Now Banning Photos of People at Gun Ranges, Claiming They Promote ‘Violence’: Summit
Peter Schweizer says Hunter Biden worked in Ukraine despite lacking credentials: 'What is he being paid for?': Fox


Sunday Talks: Secretary Pompeo vs. John Roberts: CTH
Pompeo: Trump's Iran Strategy is Working: VOAnews
Cuban American Dr. Jose Azel: Why I am an exile and not an immigrant: Alberto de la Cruz

Time Bomb: How the Growing Hong Kong-Taiwan Axis is Riling Beijing: AmCon
Iran's President Rouhani issues chilling warning to the West to keep out of the Gulf : DailyMail
Thomas Cook Bankrupcy Leaves Thousands of Travelers in Limbo: RT

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

DMVs Are Selling Your Data to Private Investigators: Joseph Cox, Motherboard
Technological Trends are Arrows Pointing Toward Inevitability: Doug Lynn
Tech industry sets official standard for 8K TVs: Jon Fingas


I Was Cursed Out of a Coffee Shop for My Views. We Can All Do Better.: Marilyn Synek
New Rambo movie tells the brutal truth about Mexico: Patricia McCarthy
Trudeau Claims He Was Known As 'Corn Pop' Until A Cool White Dude Turned His Life Around: Babylon Bee



The (Deplorable) MUSEman said...

RE: "Scott Pressler’s Group Cleans Up L.A. Homeless Camp In 9 Hours" - RS

Let's see if I have this correct:

Liberals/Democrats building houses for poor people? = Good!

Protesters demonstrating for better conditions for the poor? = Good!

National initiatives to clean up neighborhoods? = Good!

Conservatives volunteering to clean up homeless encampments? = Baaaaaaad!

Sounds a bit hypocritical to me :-/

commoncents said...

Got a minute and 15 seconds? Joe Biden Brags about getting Ukranian Prosecutor Fired - VIDEO