Wednesday, September 11, 2019

We Remember

We remember.

All mankind will pass before You

like members of the flock.

Like a shepherd pasturing his flock,

making sheep pass under his staff,

so shall You cause to pass, count, calculate, and consider the soul of all the living;

and You shall apportion the fixed needs of all Your creatures

and inscribe their verdict.

For Your Name signifies Your praise:

hard to anger and easy to appease,

for You do not wish the death of one deserving death,

but that he repent from his way and live.

Until the day of his death You await him;

if he repents You will accept him immediately.

It is true that You are their Creator and

You know their inclination,

for they are flesh and blood.

Our origin is dust and our end is dust.

At the hazard of our life we earn our bread.

We are like a fragile vessel,

like the grass that withers

the flower that fades,

the shadow that passes,

the cloud that vanishes,

the wind that blows,

the dust that floats,

the dreams that fly away


The dreams that fly away.

Your kingship is an eternal kingship.

Your dominion is for all generations.


V. said...

Perfect, thank you.

commoncents said...

September 11, 2001 as it happened (Videos)

Joseph said...

Two comments…

On another anniversary of 9/11, it's dismaying to remember the intelligence brief that President Bill Clinton received but never acted on... Whose subject line was "Bin Ladin Preparing to Hijack US Aircraft and Other Attacks"! A terrorist warning that President Clinton saw more than a thousand days before the attacks! Yet he allowed OBL to live... Related: Hillary's disgraceful attempt to hide Bill's 9/11 complicity...

Reminder: We'll likely never know what materials and documents President Bill Clinton's National Security Advisor (and designated representative to the 9/11 Commission) Sandy Berger (1945-2015) removed and destroyed in three trips to the National Archives in 2003 before he was caught on his fourth and final visit.