Saturday, October 26, 2019

MARK LEVIN REPORT: Andrew McCabe Turned Down Plea Deal, US Attorney Durham Has Convened a Grand Jury

Rich Valdes (@RichValdes), also known as "Mr. Call Screener" on the invaluable Mark Levin Show, records an interesting data-point from last night's show.

Levin is careful to note:

• This is secondhand information (but, knowing Mr. Levin's track record -- he rarely reports these kinds of hearsay reports -- we can assign a high degree of confidence in this report).
• On the Michael Flynn front, Levin interviewed Sidney Powell (the retired General's attorney) after her bombshell disclosures that disgraced FBI official Lisa Page altered Flynn's FD-302 interview report (a major felony); that disgraced FBI official James Baker leaked the Flynn-Kislayak conversation to the media (also another felony); and that the government attorneys stiff-armed Judge Emmett Sullivan's demand that all exculpatory information be provided to Flynn's defense;

And you may have missed the following: DNI James Clapper just threw former President Barack Obama under the bus.

Hat tip: BadBlue Uncensored News (my Drudge replacement :-).


Anonymous said...

I. Want. Trials. Harsh. Sentencing

Anonymous said...

that is hilarious. the excuse of every nazi commander. is it to late to charge an ex president.