Thursday, April 22, 2004

Writing a Great Employment Ad

Recruiting on the Web : Smart Strategies for Finding the Perfect CandidateA writer on JOS asks how best to write a high-tech employment ad. I wrote:

I've wondered whether putting something cryptic that --- only hard-core tech-heads would understand --- might filter out the non-conforming folks and leave you with some good candidates.

Kind of a Google Ad serving program, only offline. For instance, I was searching for "swish++" and got a Google employment ad.

So... how about something like this (modify to fit technologies you're interested in):

"AES, Blowfish, GRE tunnels, multi-factor, PGP SDK, IPtables/NetFilter, ... if you're savvy, email us a CV at"

Whatcha think?

p.s., uhmmm, not to be a shill, but do email me a CV if you're savvy in those areas and a great C/C++ Win32/Linux developer to boot!

Writing a great employment ad

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