Monday, July 26, 2004

Juicy Search Engine Stuff

Effective Java Programming Language GuideI noticed (thanks to a JOS post) that MSN is escalating it's all-out war with Google. Performing an MSN search on World War 2 yields the standard set of sponsored sites, normal results, and... wait for it.... wait for it... a full-blown Encarta (online encylopedia) entry. Pretty neat. Still, let's stack 'em up on integrated features other than raw search:

Feature Google MSN
Integrated Dictionary Yes No
Calculator (e.g., 3+333) Yes No
Encyclopedia No Yes

Looks like Google's still in the lead.

Programming Language Ratings

One of the cooler sites I've seen recently is TIOBE's Programming Community Index for July 2004. Using search engines, usenet postings, and related techniques, the site gauges the popularity of the top fifty or so programming languages. Here are the current trends. Hopefully this qualifies for fair use, given my link :-).

Click on the picture to visit their site and to see all of the rankings.

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