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Jihad: The Rise of Militant Islam in Central AsiaI found this press release through one of the message boards. It appears on and therefore can be attributed to its source. It makes for enlightening reading. Emphasis mine.

Press Release Dated 26th July 2004


The annual Rally for Islam in Britain took place yesterday. The purpose of the Rally is to emulate the Messenger Muhammad (saw) who called the society in which he lived to embrace Islam as a divine way of life... Muslims in Britain usually stand in Britain's Trafalgar Square with a similar call. However for the first time in 9 years the leadership of Al-Muhajiroun decided to relocate the Rally due to concerns for the security and safety of guests and attendees... In this era of the global media phenomenon the call for Christians, socialists, Jews, Sikhs and Hindus etc… to leave their false beliefs and to embrace Islam as a perfect, just and divine alternative reached not only those in the UK but people as far and as wide as India, Russia and the USA...

Muslims believe that Islam is a superior ideology able to resolve all of the many problems which mankind faces today, from the economic to the social, from international relations to the ecological...

...Allah (SWT) says in the Qur'an that: 'He is the One who sent His messenger with the guidance and the Deen of truth, in order for it to be dominant over all other religions/ways of life…' and the Messenger Muhammad (saw) said that 'Verily, Allah folded the earth for me, so much so that I saw its East and its West: The authority of my Ummah will reach the whole of it' hence it is a fundamental belief of every Muslim that Islam will one day dominate the world, including Britain, it is just a matter of time. Today we call for the people to embrace Islam and change the law and order themselves – tomorrow an Islamic State may forcefully remove all obstacles in the way of the implementation of Islamic law, as part of its foreign policy. The choice is ours. However we should have no doubt that the two camps of Islam and Kufr (non-Muslim camp) will not always exist – rather eventually there can only be one camp i.e. Al-Islam. That is the wish of Allah (SWT) and the ultimate objective of Muslims on this Earth, in order to please Allah (SWT).

If the Shari'ah was indeed implemented in Britain let us have no doubts that Britain would look very different to what it does today:-

Economically: The sale of alcohol or pork would be prohibited, gambling would be outlawed. The currency would change from paper money to the use of Gold as standard, thereby eradicating inflation. Stocks and shares would be prohibited as would insurance, interest based transactions and the current company structures - all of this would be replaced with a unique economic system encouraging distribution of wealth, banning exploitation and hoarding and ensuring transactions are done where the goods are tangible, the services specified and the companies are real. Man would be the trustee of God's wealth on Earth promoting investment of it to please God – as in Jihad to conquer other lands to spread the law and order of Islam.

Socially: There would be no pubs for example, and night-clubs, porn shops or other places of entertainment between men and women, encouraging promiscuity and sexual deviancy (such as homosexuality) will be banned. Both men and women will be required to cover themselves properly in public – with women wearing the Khimar and Jilbab (headscarf and long barrel shaped dress) and men covering at least from the navel to the knees at all times. Segregation (between men and women) in all public places will be enforced. All exploitation of the sexes in any way or form would be outlawed – even to employ someone for use of their femininity or masculinity (such as is done today with secretaries and air-stewardesses) would be prohibited, rather people will only be employed for their own skills and talents. All public adverts using men and women to sell products would be banned and Judges would roam the streets and markets accompanied by police to implement and maintain the Islamic public order.

Judicially: The Islamic judicial system would be implemented where adulterers would be stoned to death and thieves would have their hands cut. There would be no jury service or solicitors or barristers – rather Judges qualified in Islamic Law would preside over all cases and Judge according to God's law. If there is any doubt on the guilt of the accused, even it is unreasonable or unlikely, any punishment would be left out. Maximum jail sentences will be one year and concentration would be on reform as opposed to locking the problem away. The State will ensure that only the most qualified and trustworthy Muslims will preside as Judges and justice will be available to all free of charge – as opposed to only those able to afford expensive barristers and solicitors.

Education: There would be compulsory Islamic education for all with Arabic being the national language so that the people can properly read and understand the Qur'an. False ideas such as evolution and the equality of religions and corrupt subjects such as music, drama and art would not be taught. Rather every subject will be linked to the relationship with God and new subjects such as Islamic concepts, Shari'ah law and Islamic Jurisprudence will be introduced to the curriculum. Other subjects such as science and mathematics will be cleansed of any concepts contradictory to divine revelation. History from an Islamic perspective will be studied. There will also be an emphasis upon boys to have military training so that they can participate in Jihad after they become 15 years old and an emphasis upon girls to learn those subjects such as cooking, managing the household and looking after and bringing up children to train them properly for their roles as mothers in the future...


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