Saturday, February 24, 2007

How the mainstream media covered (up) the ACLU case

A past chapter president of the ACLU was arrested for possession of videotapes that show unspeakable crimes against children. Bill O'Reilly of Fox News posed an interesting question: would the mainstream media cover this story? Or cover it up?

To their credit, ABC wrote an in-depth story on Friday. As for legacy print media?

Boston Globe: No mention
Los Angeles Times: No mention
New York Times: No mention
San Francisco Chronicle: No mention
Seattle Times: No mention
Washington Post: Page B05 - two paragraph "Virginia Briefing"

Ah, that's the good old mainstream media we know and love! Upholding a rich tradition of censorship that would do the Sulzberger family proud.

And management wonders what they can do to fix their plummeting financials. The obvious keeps escaping them: try telling the truth someday.

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