Sunday, June 17, 2007

The GOP's contemptuous disregard for its base

Michelle Malkin provides an update on the debacle of an immigration bill as viewed by a Beltway insider.

Senate Immigration Update – June 15, 2007

All indication is that Harry Reid has chosen to resume consideration of immigration sometime next week, possibly as early as Wednesday. It is his folly – a curious political choice designed to avoid the "do-nothing" label he so richly deserves.

But as much as he should be blamed personally for choosing to bring the bill back, it is the Republican leadership and Republican "grand bargainers" who are deserving of America's contempt. Grand bargainers Graham, Kyl, Martinez and McCain made their deal with the devil a long time ago. And now, after a week of deal-making and arm-twisting, Senator Lott and McConnell have joined forces with them and with Democrats to pull together the 60 votes needed to pass an immigration bill that not only has no chance of working, but undermines our nation's rule of law, damages our national security and will cost billions of dollars.

They do so knowingly and firmly over the objections of the American people. They have done so with great contempt for those who dare to question the decision or put up a fight. It is now up to the American people to demonstrate at a level never seen before in American politics that this is an unacceptable breach of faith with them and will not be tolerated. It is the only hope at this point that this terrible legislation – that has no chance of working – does not become law.

Up to now, a handful of Senators have been able to fight for amendments – and more, to fight for the transparency necessary to expose this bill's fatal flaws. Senators Sessions and DeMint properly objected to a sham amendment process that was limiting the rights of Republicans. Other members offered amendment after amendment designed to target the bill's many weaknesses - but few were granted votes. Their efforts and of those other members who didn't just "accept the grand bargain" have exposed the bill to the American people.

But now, those members are not the hope. They are going to be limited in their ability to do anything to stop this bill. In short – the very Senate leadership who repeatedly asks that the Republican caucus stick together are now rolling their conservative members to do a deal with Democrats – to do a deal with Ted Kennedy, Harry Reid and Hillary Clinton.

The hope now lies with the American people. The American people have been speaking – and Senators are beginning to listen. Don't give up now. It is clear that Senators are beginning to understand that this bill is not supported by a sizable and important segment of the American public – middle America. There are many Senators still on the fence that are being counted on to pass this bill. This is why today it is up to the people. If there is any hope – the American people must speak, and must speak loudly. Make phone calls to Senate offices, repeatedly, and non stop until the bill is defeated. Faxes and email – flood their offices. Fax in voided checks to the NRSC and the RNC with letters saying you won't support them – and if you have ever given money before, ask for it back. Make very clear that this is the ultimate breach of faith and that there will be consequences.

Spread the word, America – there are a handful of Republican Senators who can stop this – and it is up to you to hold them accountable. It is up to you to tell them that you refuse to take this – you refuse to be sold a bill of goods. You are on to them – you know the bill cannot work. You know that this bill is "not better than the status quo" as the powers-that-be would have you believe. You know that this bill will cost YOU billions of dollars. You know that this bill harms our national security and undermines the rule of law. You know.

If you speak, they will listen. Go.

Write to the White House

Write to your Congressional Representatives

Write to the "GOP" Senators

The contemptuous disregard that the GOP leadership has paid to its constituency is mind-boggling. Make your voice heard.

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