Monday, June 18, 2007

The Gray Lady's Imperial Propaganda Machine

Riding Sun offers a stunning comparison between World War II Japanese military propaganda and today's New York Times:

It's eerie how much this enemy propaganda from six decades ago resembles the New York Times op-ed page:

"Farewell, American Soldiers!" leaflet:

Your politicians are among those who survive and are enjoying life comfortably at home. General Marshall and General MacArthur can enjoy their reputation as heroes only because they are alive. But you… you continue to march westwards to sure death, to keep your rendezvous with the grave.

Bob Herbert, No End in Sight in Iraq, 8/10/05:

The president is on vacation. He's down at the ranch riding his bicycle and clearing brush. The death toll for Americans has streaked past the 1,800 mark. ... But if Mr. Bush has experienced any regret about the carnage he set in motion when he launched the war, he's not showing it.

Sheesh. At least the Japanese gave their leaflets away free. A hard copy of the Times costs a buck.

The similarities would be almost comical were the stakes not so high.

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