Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Democrats vote to eliminate workers' secret ballots


Senate Democrats vote today to eliminate workers' rights to a secret ballot and give big labor bosses exactly what they demanded as payback -- a vote on the Card Check bill. Watch the Democrats giving their thanks to union rally goers for their current majority.

Cost of Democrats:

Ted Kennedy - $1,044,700 from Big Labor
Dick Durbin - $882,225 from Big Labor
Joe Biden - $479,677 from Big Labor
Harry Reid - $1,389,489 from Big Labor
Sherrod Brown - $1,468,985 from Big Labor
Hillary Clinton - $854,685 from Big Labor

Big Labor hates secret ballots because they prevent identification of workers who don't wish to join unions. And, for millions of dollars, Democrats are perfectly willing to dispense with secret ballots, a cornerstone of Democracy. It figures.

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