Thursday, September 14, 2017

QUICK FIX: Set Up Google News to Avoid #FakeNews Altogether

If you use Google News from time to time, you've probably noticed its biased choice of news sources.

It almost always features far left news sites for its headlines while pushing more popular conservative news portals off the front page.

To its credit, you can fix that problem.

Google News allows you to select preferred sources and block those that proffer very fake news.

Here's how to do it: visit the Google News Settings Page and adjust your sources.

Here's a quick sample:

Another simple option? Save BadBlue Real-Time News as your home page.


commoncents said...

FULL SPEECH: Conservative Ben Shapiro Speaks at UC Berkeley Amid Protests

clayusmcret said...

You need to sticky this piece to the top of your page for several days.

Anonymous said...

or just don't use google, period.

Tim Cunningham said...
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Tim Cunningham said...

Even though all of us who are not postmodern progressives have other means of obtaining accurate news, we should still continue to use Google: we need to know how our political adversaries think and what they are doing. Also by continuing to use them, we blind their eyes to this truth: by engaging in the juvenile form of censorship, all Google, Facebook and their fellow travelers are doing is helping to provide a biased bubble view of the world for progressives and the politicians who cater to them, which leaves both politicians and progressives ill-prepared when reality bites them in a painful place.