Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Have interest in management of the software development function? Joel on Software is a thoughtful blog which has gained acclaim for its insights into the care and feeding of programmers. The brainchild of ex-Microsoft manager Joel Spolsky, JOS serves as a marketing gateway to Fog Creek Software, his small development company. Technical interviewing, software design, and graphical user interface (GUI) issues are all discussed in lengthy (and compelling) detail.

NFL, another good week for my "system".

Pick Sprd Opp Result
PIT - 7.0 ari W PIT 28-15
STL - 7.0 bal W STL 33-22
phi + 5.0 GB W phi 17-14
atl +11.0 NYG W atl 27-7
cle +10.0 KC L KC 41-20
Week 4-1 Total 15-7-1

I haven't discussed my system before, but here's a brief intro: I did a computer analysis of every game since 1994 along with the Vegas spread and Over/Under. I found some interesting patterns, in which a bettor could achieve a statistical advantage over the house. Not for all games, but for a select few games (e.g., usually I would feel comfortable locking in on two to six games a week).

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