Monday, November 10, 2003

In the automotive world, Nissan and its luxury division, Infiniti, are on a roll. Their mid-market offerings and, specifically, the G35 family are dominating the competition and for good reason. The G35 Coupe is spectacular - a Porsche 911 drive-a-like priced at the low-to-mid thirties. The G35 Sedan is the first true competition for BMW's 3-series in a long, long time.

In addition, Infiniti's radical-looking SUV's - the FX35 and FX45 - seem to be selling well, providing outrageous horsepower (280 and 315, respectively) and sports-car-like handling at much lower prices than the European luxo-makers.

If you're investigating the purchase of a Nissan or Infiniti, is the ultimate set of resources, including one of the busiest communities of automotive consumers anywhere on the web.

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