Sunday, November 16, 2003

One of the funniest ad campaigns in recent memory has to be Bud Light's Real men of Genius series. While I can't seem to find a cache of MP3's, the next best thing are the published "lyrics" on

Bud Light presents Real American Heroes
Singing: (real american heroes)
Today we salute you, Mr. putt putt golf course designer
Singing: (Mr. putt putt golf course designer)
Through the magic of astroturf and animatronics, you've taken the time honored game of golf, and made it fun again
Singing: (keep on strokin)
They said a three foot putt wasn't a challenge, so you added windmills
Singing: (china windmills)
While lesser men wasted time with fairways and sand traps, you had visions of fiberglass volcanos and giant clown heads
Singing: (clowns freak me out now)
So crack open an ice cold bud light mr. putt putt golf course designer, because you and i know that a round of golf should always, always include indian teepees.
Singing: (mr. putt putt golf course designer)"

8:13pm - Urgh, rough week in the NFL:

BUF - 7.0 hou L hou 12-10
MIA - 5.5 bal L MIA 9-6
CHI + 6.5 stl W CHI 21-20
jax +10.0 TN W TN 10-3
min + 5.0 OAK L OAK 28-18
det +11.0 SEA L SEA 35-14

Week - 2-4 / Overall - 17-11-1

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