Saturday, September 11, 2004

Pravda and the Politburo

The CBS/National Guard documents are, without question, forgeries. The typeface is bogus (font, kerning, line-spacing, superscripts, and "auto-centering" of text) , the dates are bogus, and the key General mentioned had been retired for many months at the time they were purportedly written.

Worse, CBS sought and then ignored, direct testimony from the reputed author's son (a pilot who served with Bush), wife, and other key personnel who all disputed the possibility that the memo was authored by Killian. And CBS misled General Hodges in a phone interview, telling him the documents were handwritten. Further, Ben Barnes' (the key figure in the CBS story) own daughter dismissed her father's charges as "political and opportunist", motivated by the opportunity to cash in on a Kerry administration.

And yet, despite massive and conclusive evidence of fraud, CBS News is fighting, tooth and nail, to hold the line by claiming that the documents are real. These are not the traits of a news organization. These are the traits of unabashed propagandists: Josef Goebbels and Pravda come to mind.

The "CBS News Brand Name" has been destroyed

As the Powerline bloggers put it on the Hugh Hewitt show: CBS News needs corporate adult supervision from Viacom to set things straight. The CBS News brand, once the most valuable name in the business, has been utterly and completely eviscerated by this latest debacle.

CBS has no more credibility now than Pravda had in the days of the Politburo. And there's more to that analogy than you may think.

The Startling Ramifications

Frightening facts:

1) CBS' fact-checkers (Mr. Magoo and the late Ray Charles?) completely missed the fact that the documents were poorly-conceived forgeries;
2) Once the forgeries were discovered, CBS did not reinvestigate the documents or re-interview the witnesses in question;
3) CBS, instead, stonewalled and disavowed the very possibility that the documents could be false, using a defense known as the 'divine right of Kings' (Hugh Hewitt: "that defense hasn't worked in centuries, and it isn't working now");

Even more frightening:

This isn't the first time that CBS and other major media outlets have seemingly linked hands with the Democratic party and launched a coordinated attack on the GOP.

The startling ramifications:

CBS does not have a news organization. They are the Pravda to the Democratic Party's Politburo. They continue to suppress the truth. They continue to stifle dissenting opinion. CBS News acts as though it is managed by Communists, Islamofascists, or complete incompetents. Either way, CBS News must be completely gutted and overhauled. The evisceration and reconstitution of CBS News will not be pretty. And it won't be televised.

Links to the DNC

According to the American Spectator, the Democratic National Committe (yes, that DNC) may have provided the forged documents to CBS.

If this turns out to be true, the DNC is a co-conspirator in a fraud of massive proportions. A fraud that would help them regain the American Presidency. A fraud designed to change the course of history.

What does it say about the Democratic party if it is so desperate that it is willing to use forged documents in pursuit of the presidency?

What does it say about a Democratic party if it conspired in a fraud so poorly conceived that it was exposed in a matter of hours?

What does it say about a Democratic party that stations anti-American cult hero Michael Moore in its Presidential box at its convention?

What does it say about the Democratic party whose leadership meets with groups tied to terrorists?. And then pushes their rogue agendas?

The Democratic Party is Dead

This is no longer your father's Democratic party. This is not the Democratic party of Reagan, Roosevelt, and Truman.

This is a Democratic party that has been subsumed by the Far Left. This is a Democratic party that has been hijacked by Anarchists, Communists, Islamofascists, and Hollywood.

And this is the party that the Anybody-but-Bush crowd has banked on. But the real Democratic party is no more. And now... there will be hell to pay.

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