Sunday, May 01, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Bill Clinton: Supremes Could Smoke Obamacare

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Bill Clinton: Supremes Could Smoke Obamacare: RedState
Oh, What a Tangled Web We Weave: King
White House distances Obama from new fundraising group: Politico

‘A Government of Laws, and Not of Men’: The Electoral College: NMJ
NRA CEO calls for Holder's Resignation: Blaze
Gas Pump Sticky Note Campaign Gaining Steam: NiceDeb

How Paul Ryan Won the Recess: WklyStd
Obama DOJ will challenge Missouri's Anti-Sharia law: Atlas
Cain Wins 2012 Presidential Forum in Manchester, NH: RSM


The Middle Class Problem: Hayward
California Democrats and Chicago Mobsters: ProWis
Fired for Being a Republican: GWP

What Was And Is No Longer: EternityRoad
Templates: ProWis
Detroit's Piteous Worker State: RWN

Gov. Brown Tells Cheering CA Unions 'You've Got a Friend': Mish
Amish Milk: The Latest Target of the Obama Regulatory State: Foundry
N.J. Turnpike Tells Union Toll Workers ‘Take It Or Leave It’: RS

Climate & Energy

Obama's Other Hand: EPA Methodically Shutting Down Coal Mining Operations: IBD
Think Progress Doubles Down On AGW Caused Tornadoes: RWN
So you still think that global warming has nothing to do with religion?: BrutHon

Weekly Address: Hey, Let’s Blame Oil Companies For High Prices!: RWN
Global Warming Alarmists Politicize Tornado Tragedy: BigJourn
Israel's gas supply under threat: GloPost


Mainstream Media's Paradise Lost: AT
Tea Partier to MSNBCer: Media That Blame All Criticism of Obama on His Skin Color Are 'Racers': NB
Shockingly, Harvard Says It Can't Verify Reports Showing They Wanted Obama's Dad Deported: LstRef

“The Enigma, Part 1: Strange Bedfellows”: Loudon
Breitbart Punches Back on Maher’s ‘Real Time’: Breitbart
Dept. of Ignorance: We Don't Know Our Schools Either: NBC LA

Happy Birthday, Marizela: Malkin
Time to Dig In and Help the People of Dixie: RWN
Keynes Vs Hayek, Round 2: SDA

Boston Globe Reporter Hid Information on Obama’s Father From the Public For 2 Years: GWP
CNN's Holmes: More Divorces Are 'a Sign That the Economy Is Getting Better': NB
SNL’s Seth Meyers Rips Into Trump At The White House Correspondents’ Dinner: Mediaite


Why is the Obama administration trying to save Iran's puppet regime in Syria?: BRubin
‘Funny’ Anti-Gaddafi Cartoons Reveal Rebel Racism, Anti-Semitism: PJM
U.S. Treasury: China Has Decreased Its Holdings of U.S. Debt: CNS

Jimmy Carter Denounces America From North Korea: MB
‘Here’s to al-Qaeda’: ProWis
Syrian Agents Assault and Detain American Diplomat: AmSpec


Abortion Boosts Breast Cancer Risk 193% Study Finds, Giving Birth Lowers It: LifeNews
'Clippy' alive? Sighting raises questions, fears: CNet
Triton 36,000 submarine to plumb ocean's deepest depths, comes in yellow: Engadget


Time Magazine Obama Reagan Cover Parodies: SlapBlog
Royal Wedding in 60 Seconds: Blaze
Michelle Obama: Royal Wedding Crasher?: MOTUS

Image: The Blaze: ''What the…?! – British hat edition"
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