Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: Lech Walesa: Romney Will Restore U.S. Leadership

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Lech Walesa: Romney Will Restore U.S. Leadership: IBD
Heh! Obama Says He’ll Get The Economy “Going Full Guns”: RWN
Obama to somehow start having even more fundraisers: Malkin

Michelle’s “Shhh” Moment: Barack's wealth-spreading plans: Power Line
Napolitano: Uhm, yes, terrorists cross into U.S. from Mexico: Times
DEA Gone Wild: NRO

As Media Jackals Hound Romney in Poland, a Star is Born: Nice Deb
What's behind hatred of Obama?: RWN
Ted Cruz serves Chick-fil-A at victory party: LI


The Big Lies in Politics: Sowell
USDA’s Food Stamp Bullying Confirms Dependency Agenda: CFIF
Yes, Federal Workers Are Overpaid: Foundry

Obama's Legacy: $25 Trillion in Debt by 2022: Breitbart
The Department of Labor’s attempt to cover for Obama: RS
Occupy Protesters To Target Obama At DNC: WZ

Scandal Central

Central Reelection Agency: Post
Food Stamp Program Systematically Abused--By Design: Conservatory
Brilliant, Ohio coal plant closes: guess why?: RS


Frum: “Do guns make us safer?”: ProWis
Can we stop calling the Washington Post a “newspaper” now?: DTG
All in the Family Obama: Bruce

Levin slams House GOP for eliminating Senate confirmation for 169 POTUS appointments: Scoop
Barack Obama: The "Whipped" Factor: Power Line
Emmanuel Goldstein’s Chicken Chain: GayPatriot

CNN Nonpologizes For Palin "Stupid Girl" Intro; In Unrelated News, CNN's Ratings Down 20%: Ace
Dan Pfeiffer Eats Crow – Publicly Apologizes to Charles Krauthammer: Nice Deb
#HarryReidFacts: Some guy totally told Truther Harry Reid a thing about Romney’s taxes; Media repeat: Twitchy

Chicago Values… Goons Beat 87 Year-Old WW II Vet – Smash His Face: GWP
Culture Does Matter: Romney
Allen West Mocks Chicago Dems During Visit: I Came Here To Open A Chick-Fil-A: CowboyByte


A Resounding Condemnation Of The Leftist & Islamist War On Israel: Daphne Anson
Thoughts on Palestinian Culture: AmSpec
Communist Quote of the Day: MB

Best Way to Address Sequestration: Overturn It: Foundry
WH to defense contractors: If you could pink slip people AFTER the election, that’d be awesome: Hot Air
Pelosi’s New Archbishop Warns: America Could Be Moving Toward ‘Despotism’: CNS


Twitter quietly adds clickable stock symbols: Engadget
Verizon Fined $1.25 Million for Blocking Android Tethering Apps: eWeek
A charge card that actually puts power in your wallet: AllTop


Obama now issuing instructional videos on how to send him money: Hot Air
How Times Have Changed: Williams
Longer Trailer For James Bond Movie Suggests It Might Actually Be Interesting: Ace

Image: Obama Campaign Uses Ramblings Of Mentally Unstable Obamabot As Fundraising Ploy
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QOTD: "Whether a Palestinian resides in Gaza under the rule of Hamas or in the West Bank under the rule of Fatah, from the moment they awake until the moment they go to sleep they are inundated with anti-Semitic propaganda in their homes, their mosques, their schools and their media be it print, broadcast or social. Just over two weeks ago, on Palestinian Authority TV, Israel was depicted as a monster that stabs and eats children.

What are we to expect of a Palestinian culture that dances in the streets and hands out candy to children when Jews are murdered as was the case with the Fogel family in March 2011? Can we honestly expect Palestinians to be prepared to live side by side with Israelis in peace when they delight in the slit throat of a 3 month old girl?

So the Palestinian leadership in Gaza and the West Bank is angry at Romney. Well, too damn bad. After all, it is these same leaders who see fit to name schools, soccer fields and streets after suicide bombers and that should tell you everything you need to know about Palestinian culture." --Aaron Goldstein

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