Friday, March 11, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: Inflation is now costing average US household an extra $296 each month

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 • Inflation is now costing average US household an extra $296 each month Thomas Barrabi
 • Let Them Drive Teslas David Harsanyi
 • As we get slammed at gas pump, Biden to spend billions globally for “gender equity” Jim Patrick
 • Joe Biden’s Electric Car Plans Support the World’s Worst Humanitarian Abuses Tom Harris
 • Biden a bystander on Ukraine, energy and inflation crises Fox
 • Cruz: Biden energy policy written by '18-Year Old Intern Taking Freshman Socialism' Hannity
 • “Fortifying” Elections Has Consequences: Ukraine Jet Transfer Edition Ed Morrissey
 • Backfire: Ukraine Worked With Democrats Against Trump in 2016 to Stop Putin Paul Sperry
 • America’s Ruling Class Wants to Reduce Us to Incompetence Richard M. Reinsch II


 • 6 Biden Lackeys Who Pledged to Kill American Oil and Gas Spencer Brown
 • The weird parallel universe of renewables JoNova
 • Even CNN Isn't Buying Biden's New Lie About Inflation Nick Arama

Scandal Central

 • Whistleblower: FBI Just Now Asking Basic Questions About 1/6 Pipe Bombs, A Year Into Investigation Kylee Zempel
 • Exclusive: Special Counsel’s Office Is Investigating The 2016 DNC Server Hack Margot Cleveland
 • Judge denies Clinton campaign lawyer's bid to strike Durham snooping revelations Jerry Dunleavy


 • Joy Reid Is A Pile Of Garbage Derek Hunter
 • What it's like being an ER doctor in San Francisco John Sexton
 • 'Defcon 1': New Spanish-language conservative network fuels fresh Dem fears over disinfo, Latino outreach NBS
 • Facebook and Instagram make exceptions for users advocating violence against Russian invaders Elizabeth Faddis
 • New York Times Beclowns Itself with COVID Doublespeak Matt Margolis
 • 'I am not suicidal!': Jussie Smollett shouts as he is dragged to jail for hate crime hoax Tori Richards


 • Kamala Harris Had Another Laughing Incident in Poland Katie Pavlich
 • Ukraine-Russia war: Photos show horrifying wartime realities as leaders meet over Kremlin threat Fox
 • Evil Israelis helping Gaza textile manufacturers Elder of Ziyon

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • Big Tech Promotes a Big Lie Steven Bucci
 • What’s Life Like in North Korea? A Defector Explains Virginia Allen
 • What Makes You You? Tim Urban (Long, Great Read)


 • Mummified body found in walls of Oakland convention center ignites mystery and speculation Blaze
 • Photographer Takes Hilarious Pictures of Dogs Catching Cheese to Raise Money for Charity GNN
 • Throwback Thursday Welcome Back Carter Edition MOTUS


commoncents said...

BEST JOHN DEERE COMMERCIAL EVER! Two 8400R John Deere stealing a 34 tonnes Tank from Russians in Ukraine - Videos

Average Joe Bro said...

Biden stopping the Nord Stream 2 pipeline is supposed to punish Russia and hurt thier economy but shutting down the Keystone pipeline didn't effect our economy? This is what they call Build Back Better? How about put it back the way you found it moron...

Anonymous said...
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