Saturday, March 05, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: Without An American Renewal, Putin’s Aggression Is Only A Preview Of Troubles Ahead

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 • Without Changs, Putin’s Aggression Is Only A Preview Of Troubles Ahead Neil Patel
 • SCOTUS to decide whether a state can override your freedom of speech Examiner
 • Authorities Confiscate 150,000 Fentanyl Pills In Largest Seizure In Oregon’s History Jennie Taer
 • Ted Cruz Rolls out 'Energy Freedom Act' as Biden's Energy-Dependency Slams U.S. Mike Miller
 • Elon Musk: US needs to increase oil, gas production 'immediately' The Shill
 • US Navy Recovers Crashed Fighter From Depth Of 12,400 Feet in S. China Sea Shelby Talcott


 • Corporate ostracism of Putin is a blueprint for handling an expansionist China Examiner
 • Gee, What Could Putin Possibly Have on Biden That Keeps Us Buying Russian Oil? PJM
 • But No Mean Tweets: $5/Gallon Gas Is Coming, Experts Say Matt Margolis

Scandal Central

 • Real Russian Collusion: Biden Working with Russia on New Iran Nuke Deal Robert Spencer
 • With All Eyes On Russia-Ukraine, Bill Clinton Announces the Resurrection of the Clinton Global Initiative Elizabeth Allen
 • Lavrov: Moscow needs US guarantees over Russia sanctions before backing Iran nuke deal TOI


 • Twitter suffers a devastating 9th Circuit defeat Alex Berenson
 • Elon Musk Puts Country Before Profit in New Tweet That Will Upset Democrats RS
 • Sky News reporters barely survived an ambush by a Russian death squad John Sexton


 • Putin says Western sanctions are akin to declaration of war Reuters
 • WNBA superstar Brittney Griner held in Russia on drug charges after airport marijuana bust Greg Wilson
 • Ukraine pauses civilian evacuations, says Russia broke cease-fire The Shill

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • Say, has anyone heard from Anthony Fauci lately? Ed Morrissey
 • Dr. Andrew Hill, The Man Who Killed Millions? CTH
 • Capgemini connecting the human mind to a drone Market Screener


 • Middle Finger Symphony Theater Diogenes
 • This Week In Pictures Power Line
 • It’s Only Censorship When We Say So MOTUS


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Michael Spitzer Rubenstein is a traitor in a time of war, and should suffer the appropriate penalty.

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