Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: No Way Out but War

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 • No Way Out but War Chris Hedges
 • Did the Biden Administration Just Give a Boost To the Hunter Biden Defense? Turley
 • DHS’s Rebooted Disinformation Plan Is No Better Than the First Lora Ries, James Carafano
 • Joe Biden and Racial Demagoguery Victor Davis Hanson
 • A reckoning is coming for blue-checked progressives The Week
 • First shipment of formula arrives from Germany and it's not going where think Karen Townsend
 • Five things to watch in the Georgia, Alabama primaries The Shill
 • No Laughing Matter: The Third Circuit Reverses NLRB Sanction Over Joke Turley
 • NASA employees caught buying child porn have names kept secret Daily Mail


 • Biden Admits U.S. Gas Prices Driven by Suicidal Transition from Fossil Fuels CTH
 • Renewable energy dependence could lead to rolling blackouts in Michigan this summer Fox
 • Apple spent millions to help homeless people it cleared off its property but it wasn't enough John Sexton

Scandal Central

 • The Sussmann Trial: fingers pointed at FBI leadership Techno Fog
 • FBI opened Alfa-Bank inquiry based on 'referral' from DOJ — but it came from Sussmann Jerry Dunleavy
 • Another January 6 Lie: No ‘Recon’ Tours on January 5 Julie Kelly


 • Facebook, Instagram Employees ‘Censor or Delete’ Protests against Iran Carter
 • Busted: Disinformation Operative Who Attacked Elon’s Push for Free Speech Nabbed in Secret Influence Op Revolver
 • GOPe, Media Narrative Engineers Set Stage for Tuesday GA Election as Referendum on Trump Influence CTH


 • With Beijing Breathing Down Taiwan’s Neck, What Signal Did Biden Just Send? Douglas Blair
 • Gingrich: Biden was exactly right in pledging to defend Taiwan -- and his staff is nuts for walking it back Hot Air
 • The faces from China’s Uyghur detention camps BBC
 • Australian eSafety Commissioner Tells World Economic Forum Audience It is Time to Recalibrate Free Speech CTH
 • Caitlin Johnstone: They Fear Information, Not Disinformation Consortium
 • Posobiec detained at Davos World Economic Forum event PM

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • Monkeypox outbreak is primarily spreading through M-M sex, WHO officials say Dawn Kopecki
 • Is Monkeypox Next COVID-19? What One Physician Thinks Fred Lucas
 • Fauci warns against accepting 'normalization of untruths' Blaze


 • Why A Healthy Society Requires Honoring Your Father And Mother Federalist
 • .@TheIntercept is a joke of a "news" site Elder of Ziyon
 • My Biden-Voting Friend Had 'No Idea' Things Could Get This Bad. Buckle Up, Buddy, We're Just Getting Started PJM

1 comment:

MMinWA said...

The Chris Hedges article was interesting. He overall point, that the MIC is out of fookin' control and is going to be the death of this country, is right on the button.

However he still can't let go of the notion that conservatives that oppose the feckless spending are...wait for it...fascists. How drool. He admits only 1 dem voted no on the Ukraine idiocy vs 17 Repubs, but those Rs are "demented"

Here's a clue Chris, help ain't coming from the party you favor, in fact that party is loooooong gone. The "leader" of your party is neck deep in payoffs & corruption so you can count him out. DJT may have flirted with raining missiles down on the cartels and built our military back up but he didn't start any wars and had us on the way out of Afghanistan.

None the less, we're in a bad place and have "leaders" that are fucking crazy. Frankly I don't see a way out.