Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Larwyn’s Linx: You Can't Libertarian Your Way Out of Tyranny

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 • You Can't Libertarian Your Way Out of Tyranny John Hayward via Ace
 • Memorial Day in a Time of Crisis Robert Spencer
 • : Russian lawmaker threatens missile strikes on Alaska Post
 • 43 shot, 9 killed in gun-free Chicago over the weekend NTB
 • Gaslighting: The American People Are Trapped In A Textbook Abusive Relationship Daisy Luther
 • Memorial Day in a Divided Nation Daniel Greenfield
 • The Democrats' Greatest Achievement: Convincing Idiots That Tyranny Is Virtue PJ Media
 • California Blames ‘Climate Change’ For Insurer’s Decision To Stop Covering New Homes DC
 • The Decline and Fall of the American Empire Steve McCann


 • The disruptive climate activists of our generation are thinly veiled agents of the Communists Eugyppius
 • Plants cause global warming now David Strom
 • China’s $23 Trillion Local Debt Mess Is About to Get Worse Yahoo!

Scandal Central

 • Head of Rogue IRS: We Follow the Direction of the Out-Of-Control, Lawless, Obama-Monaco DOJ Eric Utter
 • 'It’s all about the money' -- The Dysfunctional Biden Family Legacy Stephen B. Young
 • Foreign Interference? How Non-Citizens Are Voting in American Elections J. Christian Adams


 • Headline of the Week: “Stabbing, and shots fired at Somali culture night” Unsafe
 • Shove It, Woke A-Holes: John Cleese will not be cutting the 'Loretta' scene from "Life of Brian" Karen Townsend
 • NY Times ripped for piece lamenting lack of 'kink' in new 'Little Mermaid': 'The left sexualizes kids' Fox
 • Target executive is treasurer at LGBTQ group that received $2.1M from retailer Daily Mail
 • 'The Little Mermaid': What the Media Isn’t Telling You About the Film's Box Office Performance Matt Margolis
 • Liz Cheney booed at commencement speech Fix


 • China and the Alliance Allergy of Rising Powers War on the Rocks
 • Moving to France Showed Me True Cost of ‘Free’ European Health Care, Child Care, and Retirement Ellie Krasne-Cohen
 • What justice for grooming gang survivors? Tim Dieppe

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • Video: There's a solution to the nuclear waste problem, one we've known about for decades John Sexton
 • PhRMA, Pfizer Funded LGBT Index Scoring Hospitals for Promoting Gender Ideology Mary Margaret Olohan
 • US still maintaining biological experimental facilities in Asia-Pacific, Africa Financial Express


 • The Price of Victory Stanley Goldfarb
 • What makes America work, and why it is stumbling David Strom
 • Sunday Smiles David Strom

QOTD: “The real power of the people? Say we crowd-fund truckers and double their salary - to stop delivering goods to DC? Is that a thing?” – Mr. Marlboro Light

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