Saturday, June 10, 2023

HILLARY: The Graphic Novel

You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll happily welcome our new and beloved overlords.

Helpfully illustrated for Communists and Democrats, but I repeat myself.

Behold: one of the cornerstone crimes that led to what we see today with Trump. And Epstein's clients are watching from their pools.


When it comes to skullduggery, the Clinton family makes the Bidens look like rubes.

Protip: I don't give a shit if you hate Trump. These are Trotskyites, and they're not stopping with Trump.

Consider comments like "white supremacists are the worst threat to America" scam and taxpayer-funded "DVE" groups like "Patriot Front" -- completely synthetic white nationalists created from whole cloth with our tax dollars by our federal government.

They're not stopping with Trump. If the States -- starting with every county sheriff and every state attorney general -- don't band together to protect citizens from this insurrection, we're in deep, deep shit.

By Chief Summer Intern Officer @BiffSpackle.


Bill589 said...

I never use to like DJT. But I am a patriot of our Republic, and through the years of the enemies of my beloved Republic attacking DJT daily, weekly, monthly, yearly... I figure that at the very least DJT is the #1 enemy of my enemy, which makes him my friend. So in recent times I find myself rooting for him, and hope to vote for him in 2024.

KrapKutter said...

Good post Bill, that should spread like wildfire.