Thursday, June 01, 2023

Larwyn’s Linx: Our Fake Spending Debates

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 • Our Fake Spending Debates Ben Shapiro
 • Two-tiered justice system. The Bidens should have been jailed long ago. AFL
 • Who are the fascists again, mot******ker? Teny Sahakian, Fox
 • After Contempt Threat, FBI Admits Shady Biden $5 million Bribe Report Exists CTH
 • FBI chief Wray rolls dice with Congress over contempt, then jets to Las Vegas JTN
 • House Republicans to cite Bannon precedent in FBI Director Wray contempt case Sarah Bedford
 • DeSantis Let Slip the Dogs of War Against Trump in Iowa Rick Moran
 • Scot Peterson, the Coward of Broward, finally heads to trial John Sexton
 • How to Spot a RINO David Lanza


 • These Are the 71 Republicans Who Voted Against Debt Ceiling Bill Samantha Aschieris
 • Kevin McCarthy Speaks on House Passage of Debt Ceiling Deal Becca Lower
 • Chip Roy Goes Nuclear on Republicans Over Debt Ceiling Deal RS

Scandal Central

 • How corrupt is the DOJ? This corrupt... David Strom
 • How did hundreds of noncitizens end up on Chicago’s voter rolls? Times
 • Believe All Women: Biden Rape Accuser Tara Reade Defects To Russia For ‘Protection And Safety’ Ryan Saavedra


 • This is how you get DeSantis, President Trump Matt Margolis
 • Pushback: If youth are beginning to resist the leftists’ twisted grooming… Robert Zimmerman
 • No. And No. BattleSwarm


 • Anti-Chinese Protests Are on the Rise in Myanmar Sebastian Strangio
 • How Russia continues to sell oil to China with the help of a 'dark fleet' John Sexton
 • The League of the Boned: Turkey BattleSwarm

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • Russia’s Use of Uncrewed Systems in Ukraine CNA
 • Elon Musk Reveals Line Of Code Twitter Used To Suppress Tweets If They Contained Certain Words DW
 • Archaeologists Uncover WWII ‘Horror Bunker’ In China DC


 • Meet The Violent Anarchist Behind DHS’s ‘Pyramid Of Far-Right Radicalization’ Scandal Federalist
 • ESG Blowback: Exxon, Chevron Investors Reject Climate Measures WSJ [$]
 • Libturd Thursday Skipism ~ 1 Woodsterman

QOTD: What a real insurrection looks like:

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