Wednesday, June 07, 2023

Larwyn’s Linx: Our Beloved Emperor Christopher Wray Now Controls All Of Government

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 • Our Beloved Emperor Christopher Wray Is Controlling All Of Government Frank Miele
 • ‘Highly Credible’ Source: Forget Biden Bribery, FBI Interfering in Our Elections Margot Cleveland
 • Majority Of Americans Want Utterly Corrupt FBI To Be Reformed Or ‘Shut Down’ Jordan Boyd
 • Stunning TV interview (in Australia!) on the Hunter Biden laptop evidence Thomas Lifson
 • The Strange Pandemic of ‘White’ Disparagement Victor Davis Hanson
 • Biden Nominee Wants Wokeness in Air Force’s ‘DNA,’ Another Decries ‘Whiteness’ Fred Lucas
 • Two of San Fran's largest hotels are bailing out Jazz Shaw
 • Infrastructure Choices Matter Edward Ring
 • House to Vote to Reduce Power of Bureaucracy With REINS Act Joseph Postell


 • John Kerry compares climate scam effort to D-Day David Strom
 • Would Lululemon’s CEO mind if his fired employees shoplifted their severance payments? Unsafe
 • Fears grow supply chain crunch is coming as workers at critical West Coast ports stop working Daily Mail

Scandal Central

 • He Covered Up Cuomo's Nursing Home Deaths, Now He's a CDC Deputy Director Frontpage Mag
 • J6 Defendant on Ray Epps: ‘They Are Protecting Him Like Crazy’ Julie Kelly
 • Border Crosser Accused of Murder One Day After DHS Freed Him into U.S. Breitbart


 • Racist, Segregrationist 1619 Project releases ‘Reparations Math’ curriculum for high school students David Glasser
 • Reparations Math – Reports of Bud Light Memorial Day Sales Dropping -60% as Brand Boycott Continues CTH
 • Behind the Trump-DeSantis influencer Twitter bloodbath Cockburn


 • Tucker Carlson Emerges on Twitter to Deliver Monologue on Russian Dam and Neocons CTH
 • What the Ukrainian Armed Forces Need to Do to Win - War on the Rocks War on the Rocks
 • WHO, EU announce partnership creating ‘global system’ of digital vaccine passports LifeSite

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • War News: The Actual Risk Of Not Pursuing AI With Maximum Force And Speed Marc Andreessen
 • Deadly bacteria that kills up to 50% of patients now endemic to US gulf coast, CDC expert says Daily Mail
 • What's life like in socialist hellholes? Brave Cuban and Venezuelan YouTubers show us Monica Showalter


 • D-Day photos: See historical images on 2023 anniversary of invasion USA Today
 • NPresident Reagan's Address Commemorating 40th Anniversary of Normandy/D-Day 6/6/84 YouTube
 • Skipism Wednesday Is Here ~ AM Woodsterman

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