Monday, October 02, 2023

Larwyn’s Linx: Democrat-led border invasion sets all-time record for illegal crossings

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 • Biden border crisis sets all-time record for illegal crossings Karen Townsend
 • Democrat "Justice reform" let a violent rapist and murderer out of prison early Jazz Shaw
 • Woke DA Alvin Bragg Sued After Questionable Murder Charges Dropped Sarah Arnold
 • California, the Great Destroyer Victor Davis Hanson
 • Ghetto Gavin selects radical kook from Delaware as Feinstein’s “replacement” RS
 • Only 3% of San Francisco Restaurants Have Not Been Vandalized In Past Month DW
 • Sunday Talks – Matt Gaetz is Throwing Atomic Truth Hammers at The UniParty CTH
 • How Can We Keep Living With These Damn Commies? Kurt Schlichter
 • Some House Republicans Seek To Expel Matt Gaetz Pending Report From Ethics Committee DW


 • Rep. Byron Donalds Says Republicans ‘Did Not Get Anything’ In Funding Measure DW
 • Sanctuary City Today: NY Gov Has Had Enough, Chicago Has Housing Issues Cove
 • “Evaded Racism” David Strom

Scandal Central

 • These House Republicans Voted To Fund CISA’s Criminal Censorship And Election Interference Federalist
 • New documents from IRS whistleblowers reveal more of Joe Biden's treasonous connections Rep. Jason Smith
 • Bill Gates – The Man Behind The Curtain Patricia Harrity


 • The Decline and Fall of Home: Part Two David Solway
 • Merrick Garland channels SNL's sleazy lawyer Nathan Thurm in his 60 Minutes appearance Twitchy
 • Chicago Armed Robbers on an Extraordinary Rampage: 'Everyone Is so Freaked Out' Rick Moran


 • Britain to ramp up war in Ukraine Jazz Shaw
 • Beijing Demands U.S. Humiliation Before Resuming Mil-to-Mil Engagement AG
 • After Decades, Official Admits Iran Aided Beirut Attack Murdering Hundreds Of Marines DW


 • COVID Vaccines Causally Linked to Increased Mortality, Resulting in 17 Million Deaths: Report Megan Redshaw
 • Canada To Create Registry Of Podcasters In Potential Censorship Initiative ZH
 • Greenpeace Canada Co-Founder: ‘We are not in a climate crisis’ AG


 • NYC Residents Stupid Area Ocho
 • I'm Doubting That Ivermectin Will Work On These Parasites… Feral Irishman
 • Sunday Smiles Hot Air


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BREAKING NEWS: ‘BEST POSSIBLE NEWS’: Missing 9-year-old girl found alive, suspect in custody