Wednesday, October 04, 2023

Larwyn’s Linx: They Are That Evil

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 • They Are That Evil T.L. Davis
 • The GOP Uniparty Must Vacate The Chair! Emerald
 • House Votes To Remove Kevin McCarthy As Speaker DC
 • Having no Speaker now is not like the beginning of a Congress @McAdooGordon
 • McCarthy Tells Republican Caucus He Will Not Seek Speakership Again – My Thoughts CTH
 • Democrats Blew a Huge Political Win By Not Saving McCarthy as Speaker Daily Yeast
 • A typical night in Chicago Jazz Shaw
 • Trump is taking one for the team Don Surber
 • Maryland Resident Sworn in as Senator From California CTH


 • The UAW should be going on strike against Biden, not Ford and GM. Daniel Greenfield
 • IRS Hits MyPillow With Five Audits: Mike Lindell ZH
 • Locals reject Chinese-tied battery factory’s construction in their Community BPR

Scandal Central

 • Exclusive: The FBI Targets Trump Followers as the 2024 Election Nears Newsweek
 • Email Shows Weiss Violated DOJ Policy By Sending Letters To Cover For Garland Margot Cleveland
 • The New Push for Censorship Under the Guise of Combating Hate Tablet


 • Victor Davis Hanson Warns Tucker: "The Next 12 Months Will Be The Most Explosive In History" ZDH
 • Twenty years and counting -- and the danger ahead Ed Morrissey
 • Federalist Editor Blows Up the Dems' Narrative on the Kevin McCarthy Fiasco in One Tweet Matt Vespa


 • Mexico President Blasts US Billions To Ukraine As "Irrational" - Says Focus On Latin America ZH
 • Central Asian economies are booming thanks to Russia: Here's why EuroNews
 • China bites back as EU launches probe into electric vehicle industry SCMP


 • CDC Covered Up COVID Vaccine Myocarditis Risk, Show Emails And Reports Public
 • EV Mania Spreads Across The Nation's Bluest States ZH
 • All's fair in the alphabet wars David Strom


 • Rolex is returned to its owner four years after it sunk to the bottom of the ocean Alessandro Renesis
 • News Roundup Kim Du Toit
 • Stuff.. Here Ya Go.... Feral Irishman

1 comment:

Average Joe Bro said...

Since Trump is being mentioned as possibly becoming the new Speaker of the house, I expect that he'll again be indicted this week for not returning a book on time to the New York public library.....