Tuesday, October 03, 2023

Larwyn’s Linx: Gangs from central and south America entering US and targeting luxury homes

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 • Gangs from central and south America entering US and targeting luxury homes Ronny Reyes
 • Lacking evidence, House Communists Democrats turn to witness intimidation David Marcus
 • Here’s Why The Media’s Lies About Rep. Jamaal Bowman Should Concern You Federalist
 • Member of Iranian Influence Network Visited Biden White House Five Times WFB
 • A Congressman Got Carjacked in DC Last Night Guy Benson
 • 'Tone-Deaf': Chicago Dem Slams Party's Liberal Crime Policies WFB
 • Matt Gaetz Files Motion To Remove Kevin McCarthy As House Speaker DC
 • Matt Gaetz Gives Press Conference on Capitol Steps CTH
 • Cultivating Free Citizens Rufo


 • Crippling Home Insurance Price Surges Squeeze American Homeowners TIPP
 • State pension funds are being manipulated for a left-wing agenda Paul Fitzpatrick
 • Economist Kevin Freeman Explains Coming Financial Collapse Dr. Naomi Wolf
 • Please Stop Telling Us Everything Is Fine With the Economy Salena Zito
 • Horrors! Target, other retailers close stores to protect profit David Strom
 • Philadelphia Journalist Who Mocked Concern Over Violent Crime In Democrat Cities Shot Dead In Home ZH

Scandal Central

 • Meet the Activist Wife Who Meets With the White House While Her Prosecutor Husband Puts January Sixers in Jail RCI
 • Hunter Biden Begged Joe For Cash To Pay For Alimony, Other ‘Financial Issues,’ Texts Show DC
 • Newsom’s ‘First Black Lesbian’ Senate Appointee Immediately Hit With Scandal, Cover-Up Underway RS


 • Tucker's Right: Trump's Fraud Trial in NY Is a 'Grotesque Parody of the System Our Ancestors Created' RS
 • Canadian Commission Requires Podcasters and Platform Providers to Register With Government CTH
 • In a 3-way Race, Robert Kennedy Jr. Takes Away the Trump Lead Over Biden CTH


 • High-Level Iranian Spy Ring Busted in Washington Lee Smith
 • Israeli, Saudi sources: Obama US focus on Palestinians harming normalization JNS
 • Ukraine: Kyiv fires cluster bombs at Russian village claim, 'devastating' loss of US aid, EU pledges EuroNews


 • The COVID cover-up James P. Meigs
 • Largest EV Charging Station In World Powered By Diesel-Powered Generators Cowboy State Daily
 • It came from San Francisco: California's new math standard could spread despite being junk John Sexton


 • Our World: Soros’s campaign of global chaos Caroline Glick (2016)
 • The Ruthless Racketeer Tablet
 • Libturd Tuesday Is Here ~ A Woodsterman

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