Tuesday, March 05, 2024

Larwyn’s Linx: The Five FUBARs

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 • The Five FUBARs Kunstler
 • The Obama Democrats Are Trying to Push Biden Out David Strom
 • Smackdown on CO: Unanimous SCOTUS Rules States Cannot DQ Trump on 14A Ed Morrissey
 • Venezuela Is Exporting Its Violent Crime Problem to US, Thanks to Biden Jarrett Stepman
 • Senators Rip FEMA on Poor Handling of Illegal Immigrant Travel Fred Lucas
 • Kamala Harris Calls for an Immediate Ceasefire — 'No Excuses' Karen Townsend
 • Supreme Court: Trump Stays on the Ballot Techno Fog
 • Trump made America great again Don Surber
 • Democrats Promise Fraud and Insurrection T.L. Davis


 • U.S. Farmers Issue Dire Warning About Biden Policies Destroying Agriculture Carmine Sabia
 • Real pushback: Faced with a legal requirement to end its DEI programs, University of Florida shuts them down Robert Zimmerman
 • Elon Musk’s case against the SEC may help dismantle the administrative state. Zack Smith, Daily Signal

Scandal Central

 • Hunter Biden Held Previously Undisclosed Meeting With The "F**king Spy Chief Of China" ZH
 • House Dems Implode Over Supreme Court Decision; Raskin Crafting Legislation To Bar Trump From Ballot ZH
 • The Supreme Court has dealt the first blow against Democratic lawfare Charles Lipson


 • Congressional News: Censorship, January 6 and an update on political prisoner John Strand Robert W Malone
 • Things I Like: Bari Weiss and the Free Press David Strom
 • Biden’s immigration crisis comes to Georgia Times


 • Kamala Harris and Gantz are playing politics with Israel’s future Jonathan S Tobin
 • Hamas official says terror group doesn’t know which hostages are still alive TOI
 • Israel slams EU’s decision to release 50 million euros to UNRWA Joshua Marks


 • China Panics As Bitcoin Nears Record High, Tops Meta's Market-Cap; ETH ETF "Potential Isn't Priced In" ZH
 • FAA Finds Non-Compliance Issues In Boeing's 737 Max Manufacturing Program ZH
 • Dwindling US Stockpiles of Minerals for Military Use Should Be a Cause for Concern Jim Constantopoulos


 • 8-Year-Old Girl Wows Crowd with National Anthem Performance at Pacers Game Rusty Weiss
 • ‘Blood Money’: Two of the Biggest Funders of the Radical Transgender Movement in the U.S. Are China-Linked Billionaires Breitbart
 • Get The Vote Out For Libturd Tuesday ~ A Woodsterman

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